Class of 2015 Senior Thesis Titles

Ariana Albanese, "Terrible Beauty: The Question of Modern Tragedy in the Works of Sylvia Plath"

Erin Aoyama, "Separate and Unequal: The Impact of Jim Crow on Japanese American Internment and Postwar Identity"

Annie Bishai, "Les Évoluées et les Nouveau-Nés: French Colonial Medicine and the Transformative Role of Midwives"

Natalie Chang
, "Brave Young World: Contemporary Young Adult Dystopian Literature"

Grace Chen
, "Ambiguous Authenticity and Culinary Connection: Joyce Chen’s Chinese Cuisine in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1949-1982"

Julia Cohn
, "Abandoned Pan American Ambitions: Diego Rivera’s Later Murals Demonstrate His Disillusionment with the Ideal"

Elizabeth Coleman
, "'Poison Whores' and 'Virtue Rewarded': Imagining Victims of 'Seduction' in the 18th Century”

Madeline Connors
, "Frontier Feminist: Sarah Palin’s Performance of Gender, Conservatism, and Motherhood"

Andrea Del Conte
, "Remembering the Father: Domestic Memorials to President Washington, 1799-1880"

Margaret Dillaway
, "Thomas Hobbes as Epic Poet: Poetic Faculties and the Political State"

Dominic Ferrante
, "Voci Dell'Anima: Resistance and Exile Literature in Renaissance Italy, 1300-1550"

Daniel Fitzpatrick
, "Beatles for Sale: Consumer Identity and Commercial Rebellion in the British Invasion"

Christopher Frost
, "Black to Black-ish: Post-Racial Constructions of Black Identity and Family on Network Sitcoms"

Moeko Fujii
, "Orienting Virginia Woolf: Japonisme in To the Lighthouse, Orlando, and The Waves"

David Hinshillwood
, "And I Am Telling You, You Can't Stop the Beat: Locating Narratives of Racial Crossover in Musical Theater"

Kristin Holladay
, "'Political, Not Pathological': Forcible Feeding and the Contested Sanity of Hunger-Striking Suffragists in British and American Prisons"

Madeline Holland
, "Stories for Asylum"

Frances Ikwuazom
, "Let the Memories Speak for Themselves: The Resurfacing of Memory in the Form of a Narrative Archive in the Works of Didier Daeninckx"

Ashleigh Inglis
, "Re-Educating the Anglo Majority: Ethnic Studies and White Allyship in the Ivory Tower"

Mattie Kahn
, "'A Magazine of High Character': Failure, Foresight, and the Literary Project of Edgar Allan Poe"

Tian Kisch
, "'In Touch with the World': Confederate Nationalism in Civil War Journalism"

Joy Seung Heon Lee
, "The Search for Politically Relevant Art in Times of Crisis: Tradition and Word-Music Synthesis in Richard Wagner, Thomas Mann and Bertolt Brecht"

Charlotte McKechnie
, "North and South: A Journey of Political Action and Personal Re-Imagining in Scotland and Australia, 1792-1801"

George Mills
, "'The Game is Afoot': The Baker Street Irregulars and Sherlock Holmes Fandom in America"

Tom Nunan
, "Beginnings and Endings in Puritan Poetry"

Ebele Obi-Okoye
, "Navigating Space, Colonizing Minds: Victorian Women's Perceptions of Indian Women, 1857-1900"

Debbie Onuoha
, "Murky Waters on a Gold(en) Coast: Discourses of Pollution Along the Korle Lagoon Accra, Ghana"

Rachel Orol
, "High, Low, and Underground: Bringing Modern Art to the Masses in Frank Pick's London"

Bryan Padilla
, "A Dangerous Thesis: Death by the Spanish Pen in the Era of Trujillo"

Jasmine Panton
, "Playing the Race Card: Examining Blackness and Heart Disease in the 21st Century Through BiDil and the Slavery Hypothesis"

Valeria Pelet
, "A Multi-Viral Multitude: The Evolving Politics of Solidarity in the Music of Calle 13"

Samuel Richman
, "The Big Dream: Moral Fantasy in Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles"

Maria Romero
, "Pieces of Salomé: Mythic Motherhood in In the Name of Salomé and Salomé U: Cartas a una Ausencia"

Ethan Samet-Marram
, "As Ripe for Mischief as Any: Representations of Interracial Collaboration During Golden Age Piracy"

Anna Santoleri
, "'The University of the Woods': An Examination of Nature and Education in the Civilian Conservation Corps"

Claire Simon
, "W.E.B. Du Bois as Curator: Defining Race and Progress in The Philadelphia Negro, The American Negro Exhibit, and The Souls of Black Folk"

Samuel Sokolsky-Tifft
, "Calamity and the Problem of Tastelessness: Beckett, Adorno, and Writing After Auschwitz"

Stephanie Star
, "Not Just a Bedtime Story: Challenging Conservative Imperialism in Turn-of-the-Century British Children's Literature"

Niv Sultan
, "'To Build the Impossible': The Video Game as Historical, Ideological, and Societal Entity in the BioShock Series"

Andrew Talbot
, "Rusticators, Regionalism, and the Representation of Locals on the Coast of Maine in the Late Nineteenth Century"

Carrie Tian
, "'To Point a Moral and Adorn a Tale': Frances Glessner Lee and the Reimagined Landscape of Death Investigation in America, 1931-1962"

Enzo Vasquez Toral
, "Arena Conta Boal: Teatro de Arena and Augusto Boal's Early Theater Works in Dictatorial Brazil, 1956-1971"

Amy Weiss-Meyer
, "New York, New York: Writing, Saving, and Selling the City, 1967-1977"

Anne Wenk
, "A Great Institution of Education, Democracy and Culture: Brooklyn and the Development of its Grand Museum"

Caroline Williams
, "'All Metre and Mystery Touch on the Lord': Multiple Traditions of Truth-Telling in The Annals of the Four Masters"