HL90CC: Boundaries, Borders, Bodies





Instructor: Maryam Monalisa Gharavi
Meeting time: Tuesday, 10-12

This hybrid course combines a studio arts practicum with a history & theory seminar. SEMINAR COMPONENT: We focus on border geographies, urban boundaries, and demarcations that throw light on basic understandings of inclusion and exclusion, selfhood, freedom, property, and how "us" and "them" are defined materially and conceptually along the course of time. The course traces along zones of passage that limit, regulate, and control mobility (including frontiers, enclosures, walls, barbed wire, among others) and theories of the distribution of the sensible (including security, circulation, flow, among others). We will traverse multiple fields of analysis where these terms have been illuminated, including science/geography (space, place, land), social science (zone, territory, state) and the arts/humanities (identity, subjectivity, memory). ARTS COMPONENT: Students will engage with works of art relating to the seminar’s themes and produce works of art of their own. No previous experience in the arts is expected or assumed, and a process-based approach to making work in any medium is encouraged. Students are provided with a small materials budget, shared access to studio space, arts-making workshops, and open studio sessions.