HL90CQ: Afro-Latin American Cultures: Race, Religion, Music, and Literature





Instructor: Rebecca A. Kennedy de Lorenzini
Meeting time: Wednesday, 12:00 - 2:00

Afro Latin American Cultures
This course will explore the history of Afro-Latin American culture as expressed through literature, music, dance, and religious and spiritual practices. Beginning with an analysis of the theoretical framework of the African diaspora, we will ask central questions around how and why African heritage has been celebrated or rendered invisible in Latin America. We will also consider where ideas of homeland and displacement shift with experiences of migration and in borderland regions. Themes of racialized and gendered experience will be discussed as well as systems of racism, oppression, cultural imperialism, and individual and collective agency within this history. The rich diversity of Afro-Latin American cultures will be highlighted in both the Caribbean and South America, as well as in sites of connection and convergence such as New York City, Havana, and Panamá.