HL97: London: World City

Instructors: Anouska Bhattacharyya and Duncan White
Meeting time: Monday, 12-3

This course is about the ways in which London shaped global culture, and the way global culture shaped it. We will consider how London became a world city in the Victorian era, and the ways in which this status was projected, from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to the 2012 Olympics. Through our reading of wide range of cultural forms, including novels, poems, films, graphic novels, photography, maps, posters, popular music, food and fashion, we will explore the city’s fluid identity, and the ways in which it was imagined by locals and visitors. In some weeks we focus on specific historical moments and in others take a more thematic approach but the overall goals will be the same: to understand how the city has been mythologized and reinvented by its rapidly changing population.