Spencer Lenfield

Spencer Lenfield

Class of 2012, Modern Europe
Media Fellow, Dumbarton Oaks
Spencer Lenfield

Thesis Title: Mrs. Dalloway and Virginia Woolf’s Conception of the Self

What Now: Media Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks

What Next: Travel to South Korea; Ph.D. in English

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After graduating in 2012, I was in Oxford reading for a second bachelor's degree in classics and philosophy on a Rhodes Scholarship. I knew that I would eventually want to go on to a doctoral program in literature, but by my last winter in Britain, had come to realize that I didn’t have quite enough energy to dive into that right away. So I began to look for jobs—initially in journalism, which felt like the other best-developed skill set I had. But I was averse to freelancing, interning, and living in New York City, so options were a bit thin; and the more I researched entry-level journalism jobs, the more I found that many news organizations now want new reporters to have at least some amount of video production experience. It was an accident that I ended up finding the position at Dumbarton Oaks I currently have—I’d written a story about the research institute in the past, and an editor suggested they might have communications needs that aligned with my academic background, so why not look? I did, and it turned out that the position was also great in that it would allow me to develop the audio and video production skills that I’d started to find such a demand for. I get to write about ongoing research in the humanities, work with archival materials and art, and all in all it’s a great place to be for these first two years after school. My current position lasts for two years total, and at the end of this academic year, I hope to spend a year in South Korea before finally heading off to grad school after that.