Spring 2021 Tutorials

Scholarship is an intergenerational conversation, and History & Literature’s spring sophomore tutorial teaches students how to participate in on-going scholarly exchanges. The first half of sophomore tutorial introduces a set of scholarly debates, and after spring break students work on a sophomore essay that contributes to the conversation. After declaring History & Literature, sophomores will be invited to rank their interest in the tutorial topics below.

Spring 2021 Sophomore Tutorials

Sophomore Essay Prizes 2020

The Barrett Wendell and Oliver-Dabney Sophomore Essay Prizes recognize students whose work shows exceptional promise. 
Oliver-Dabney Sophomore Essay Prize 
Matteo Wong, “'The Flattering Prospect of (un)Freedom': Exploring Contradictions in Early British Images of Chinese Labor as a Racial Third Term in Trinidad"

Barrett Wendell Sophomore Essay Prize 
Davis Bailey, "Consecrating the Cold War: The Invocation of an American Crusade"