Legacies of Colonialism in the Americas

Instructors:  Ernest Hartwell and Debbie Sharnak
Meeting time: Thursday, 12-2:45
Legacies of Colonialism

In this course, students will examine how different forms of colonialism function in the Americas, and how these power dynamics perpetuate themselves in the 20th and 21st centuries. With case studies of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Antigua, Brazil, and Chile, this course considers colonialism in relation to questions of race, gender, human rights, and revolution across the Western hemisphere. Students will analyze films, memoirs, novels, photographs, government documents, and short stories. Through these sources, we will consider approaches to imperial governance, the behaviors and perspectives of colonized peoples, and the intertwined trajectories of domination and resistance both within and between distinct colonial regimes. Through studying Portuguese, French, Spanish, US, and British iterations of colonialism across the region, students will practice historical contextualization, close reading, and the interpretation of primary and secondary texts.