The Concentration


History & Literature concentrators complete 14 courses:

Every year, the Assistant Directors of Studies draw up a list of Courses that Count for concentration credit in each Field of Study that includes courses offered throughout Harvard College. If you wish to count other courses for concentration credit, submit a Petition to the Committee on Instruction. 


Courses that count for concentration credit in History & Literature are generally letter-graded, except for the Senior Tutorial. Another exception to this rule is that by petition a student may count a relevant Freshman Seminar for concentration credit. Courses taken at other universities or abroad on non-Harvard programs may count for concentration credit but are not included in the student’s GPA. Harvard Summer School courses, on campus or abroad, also may count for concentration credit; these grades will be included in the student’s grade point average. All other courses that count for concentration credit are automatically included in determining the concentration grade point average, even if the student has taken more than the minimum number required. A concentration GPA of 3.0 or above is required to be a candidate for honors in the concentration.