Senior Thesis Archive

Class of 2019

Class of 2019

Jonny Adler, “American Voices: Redefining Citizenship Through Radio, 1938-1942”

Karla Alvarado, “Building a Thriving Community in the Face of Fear: The Story of Honduran Immigrants in Chelsea, Massachusetts”

Ashley Anderson, “Alienating Aesthetics and the Existential Critique of Modernity in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Gareth Anderson, “Another Brick in the Fall of Britain: Britain’s Decline in Pink Floyd’s The Wall (1979)”

Ian Askew, “A Reflection on the Direction of : A Story Project

Kathleen Barrow,  “‘She’s More Shameless Than Ever!’: Women’s Lives at the Intersection of Literature, Law, and Practice in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century Rio de Janeiro”

Eleanor Bragg, “Representing Fat Interiority Through American Memoir: The Challenges of Roxane Gay’s Hunger and Lindy West’s Shrill”

Julia Carstens, “Angels With(out) Wings: Female Subjugation and Creative Liberation in 1960s Socialist Film by Larisa Shepitko and Vera Chytilová”

Holly Carter, “Vindicating Villains: The Mafia Boss and the Street Peddler on the Silver Screen in the 1970s”

Sally Chen, “‘Take Root’: Community Formation at the San Francisco Chinatown Branch Public Library”

Emily Choi, “Idealized Visions of a Homogenous America in Postwar Pan-American Coffee Bureau Advertisements”

Susie Clements,  “‘Stay Dirty’: Exploring the Grime Music Scene as an Organic Rearticulation and Reassertion of the East London Council Estate’s Worth”

Charlotte Davis, “Contemporary Understandings of Past Racial Terror: Examining Popular Memory of Female Mexican American Lynching Victims”

Genesis De los Santos,  “‘Yo Amo Mi Pajón’: Beauty, Racialization, and Dominicans in Diaspora”

Brandon Dixon, “Queerness on the Wings of Midnight Angels: Black Panther, Queer Futurity, and the Struggle to Choose”

Elizabeth Duncan, “The Case of ‘The German Princess’: Mary Carleton’s Exceptional Lives”

Julia Fine, “‘Civilized Man Cannot Live Without Cooks’: Food and Empire in Colonial India”

Fiona Fitzgerald, “‘The Weight of Words’: Migrant Literature Turned Activism in Contemporary Italy”

Tess Fitzsimmons, “Saints, Gauls, and Sicily: An Analysis of Three Spaces in the Dialogues of Gregory the Great”

Marella Gayla, “Watching Paint Dry: How Boston Tradesmen Invented Home Renovation Television”

Annie Goldsmith, “‘The Path of Knowledge’: How Sorosis and Professional Women’s Literary Circles Redefined the Female Reader, 1860-1900”

Alec Grigorian, “‘They Serve No Useful Purpose’: Refugees, Resettlement, and the Making of Modern Hong Kong”

Hannah Hardenbergh, “Gordon Parks’ Subtle Style and Impact on Civil Rights Photography, 1942-1963”

Wyatt Hayden, “Unity Makes Strength: Americanization in the German Community of Lawrence, Massachusetts”

Julissa Higgins, “Pushing the Limits of Materiality: How Marina Abramović Set the Stage for the (Immersive) Art of the 1960s and Beyond”

Sophia Hunt, “‘The Black Queenie of Harlem’: Stephanie St. Clair’s Pragmatic Racial Activism in New York City in the 1920s and 1930s”

John Conor Kennedy,“The Man Nobody Knows: Oral Roberts, The Prosperity Gospel, and the Spiritual Marketplace”

Minahil Khan, “Authenticity and the POC Writer: A Creative Exploration Via the Wright-Hurston Debate”

Natasha Lasky,“Laskyland: A Hollywood Autobiography”

Tiffany Lau, “Beyond Performance and Control: Triangulating History, Theory, and Identity in figures

Michelle Liang, “Playing With Power: Kink, Race, and Desire”

Siqi Liu, “Dreaming of Cyborgs: The Gendered and Racialized Body in Postwar Artificial Intelligence”

Molly Nolan, “‘Open Spaces’: Settler Colonialism, Cold War Nuclear Testing, and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara of South Australia”

Meghan Onserio, “Hollywood and the Harlem Renaissance: Reimagining Black Womanhood in Bubbling Over (1934)”

Camila Ortiz, “Digital Landscape, White Foundation: Performing the Post-Racial in Online Visual Culture”

Ruben Reyes,  “‘Please / No American Mierdas’: Shattering Silences, Salvadoran (In)Visibilities, and Imagined Nation in Javier Zamora’s Unaccompanied

Claire Rivkin, “B’Way’s Most Disgusting Play’: Transgressive Sexuality in Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance

Bella Roussanov, “Bulgarian Identity and Anti-Turkism: The Revival Process and Its Cultural Legacy, 1980-2017”

Liat Rubin, “‘I’ll Be Dogged If I Want To Get Loose’: Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes Constructing Positive Self-Image in The Sweet Flypaper of Life”

Emma Scornavacchi,  “‘Two Kinds of Pills’: Intersections and Racial Inequities in Birth Control Activism, 1965-1972”

Elana Shen, “Whiz Kids, Hackers, and Nerds: Representation of Child and Teen Programmers in the 1970s and 1980s”

Inaara Shiraz, “The Entanglement of the Gully Boy with Bollywood and the BJP”

Jacob Stone, “The Brut Tradition and Historical Disruption: Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Mythic Historiography in the National Identity of Early Modern England”

Christopher Ulian,  “‘To Serve the Public: Rhetorics of Charity and Practices of Imperialism in the BBC’s Collaboration With Comic Relief”

Alexandra Warshay, “The Wright Way: Cultural Politics and the Fight for Federal Drug Policy in Progressive-Era America”

David Wexner, “The Blank Slate: Joan Didion and the 1960s West”

Qianqian Yang,  “Fragmenting the Female Body: The Postwar Photomontages of Toshiko Okanoue (1950-1957)”

Leah Yared,  “Manufacturing High Visibility: Street Lamps and the Black Body in the Age of Electricity”