Early Modern World

The following 2016-2017 courses count for concentration credit in the Early Modern World field.

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Daniel Loss.

Key to Requirements:
IC: Pre-19th Century Introductory Course Requirement
SC: Survey Courses on Early Modern History and Literature Requirement

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 21. [Virgil's Poetry and its Reception]. Thomas SC

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 37. Introduction to the Bible in the Humanities and the Arts. Teskey

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 42. [Revolution, Reform and Conservatism in Western Culture]. TBA IC SC

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 43. [Visual Culture of the Ottoman Empire Between East and West (15th-17th Centuries)]. Necipoglu-Kafadar  SC

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 51. The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy. Pertile

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 54. [For the Love of God and His Prophet: Religion, Literature, and the Arts in Muslim Cultures]. TBA  SC

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 55. Shakespeare, The Early Plays. Garber

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 56. Shakespeare, The Later Plays. Garber

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 64. [Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales]. TBA

Celtic Languages and Literatures 109. [Finn: The Great Gaelic Hero]. TBA

Celtic Languages and Literatures 118. [The Gaelic World: 1100-1700]. TBA  SC

Celtic Languages and Literatures 119. [The Gaelic World: 17th Century to the Present]. TBA  SC

Celtic Languages and Literatures 187. Literature of the Dispossessed: Gaelic Ireland, c.1600-1900. Sumner

Celtic Languages and Literatures 188. [Scottish Gaelic Poetry]. TBA

Celtic Languages and Literatures 194. [The World of the Celtic Bard]. TBA

Chinese History 113. [Society and Culture of Late Imperial China]. Szonyi

Chinese Literature 114. [Introduction to Premodern Chinese Literature]. Tian SC

Comparative Literature 114. Mysticism and Literature. Giron Negron

Comparative Literature 135. [History of Drama]. TBA SC

Comparative Literature 138. [Subversive Renaissance: Books that Changed the World]. TBA  SC

Comparative Literature 139. Fictions of Kin and Kind. Shell

Comparative Literature 168. [The Quest for Epic: From Ariosto to Spenser and Milton]. TBA  SC

Comparative Literature 193. [What's Love Got to Do With It; Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity]. TBA

Culture and Belief 20. Reason and Faith in the West. Blair IC SC

Culture and Belief 27. [Among the Nations: Jewish Hisotyr in Pagan, Christian and Muslim Context]. Harris  SC

Culture and Belief 38. Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus'. Flier  SC

Culture and Belief 55. The Enlightenment. Engell IC SC

English 41. Arrivals: British Literature 700-1700. Simpson  SC

English 53. Poets: Four poets, English and Irish: Shakespeare, Marvell, Keats, Heaney. Vendler

English 90HB. Five Shakespeare Plays. Shell

English 131P. Milton's Paradise Lost. Teskey

English 141. The Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Lynch SC

Ethical Reasoning 37. [Adam & Eve]. Korner

French 70A. Introduction to French Literature I: From the Middle Ages to Eighteenth Century. TBA SC

French 112. [Lyric Poetry in Medieval and Renaissance France (12th to 16th century)]. TBA SC

French 130. [Re-Imagining the Early Modern Subject]. TBA

French 139B. The 18th Century: Ethical Dilemmas. TBA

French 142. Encounters and the Face-to-Face in Early Modern France. Guyot

German 176. Staging War: Representations of Violence and Conflict in Drama and Theater]. TBA

History 70J. [Byzantium between the Crusades and the Islamic World, c.1100-c.1450]. Angelov IC SC

History 80G. [Travelers to Byzantium]. Angelov SC

History 1002. The American Revolutionary War. Kamensky

History 1035. Byzantine Civilization. Angelov  SC

History 1144. The Renaissance in Florence. Hankins  SC

History 1155. Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789. Tworek IC SC

History 1270. Frontiers of Europe: Ukraine since 1500. Plokhii  SC

History 1290. The History of the Russian Empire. O'Neill  SC

History 1301. [Western Intellectual History II: The Prehistory of Modern Thought]. Hankins IC SC

History 1318. [History of the Book and of Reading]. Blair IC SC

History 1878B. [Ottoman State and Society II (1550-1920)]. Kafadar  SC

History 1905. The Mediated Book: Texts, Writers, and Readers in Early Modern Britain and Early America. Hall

History 1915. The Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin. Chaplin

History 1925. [Europe and its Other(s)]. Herzog IC SC

History & Literature 90BC. We the Readers: Reading Communities in Early America. Brady

History & Literature 90BQ. Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789. Tworek IC SC

History & Literature 90CG. Remembering the American Revolution. Hopkins

History of Art &  Architecture 65. Baroque Art. Connors

History of Art &  Architecture 122N. [Architecture of Empire: The Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals in a Comparative Perspective]. TBA SC

History of Art &  Architecture 122X. [Architecture in Early Modern Mediterranean]. TBA SC

History of Art &  Architecture 151V. [Venice]. TBA

History of Art &  Architecture 157K. [The Age of Albrecht Durer: Prints and Drawings at Harvard]. TBA

History of Art &  Architecture 161V. [Rome: Eternal City]. TBA

History of Art & Architecture 162P. The Great Debate on Images: Zurich to Guadalupe. Pereda

History of Art &  Architecture 168V. [The Vatican]. TBA

History of Science 118. Instruments and the Material Culture of Science in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800. Gauvin SC

Humanities 10A. A Humanities Colloquium: From Homer to Garcia Marquez. Menand

Humanities 10B. A Humanities Colloquium: From Joyce to Homer. Greenblatt

Humanities 11A. Frameworks: The Art of Looking. Roberts

Humanities 11B. Frameworks: The Art of Listening. Rehding

Humanities 11C. [Frameworks: The Art of Reading]. Puett

Humanities 12. Essential Works in World Literature. Damrosch

Humanities 52. [Human History]. TBA

Islamic Civilizations 145A. Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology: Formative and Classical Periods (8th to 17th C.). El-Rouayheb  SC

Italian 137. Boccaccio's 'Io' from Novella to Encyclopedia. Axelrod

Italian 141. [Renaissance Epic: War, Identity, Desire]. TBA

Italian 142. [The Italian Renaissance: Beauty, Power, Innovation]. TBA  SC

Korean Literature 110. [Korean Literature: Early Times to the Early 20th Century]. Park  SC

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Kamali SC

Music 191R. [Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Music]. TBA

Philosophy 120. The Rationalists. McDonough

Philosophy 124. Early Modern Metaphysics and Its Critics. Schechtman

Philosophy 125. [Beyond Dualism: Descartes and his Critics]. TBA

Philosophy 187. [Aesthetics]. TBA

Portuguese 145. [Transatlantic Africa and Brazil]. TBA

Portuguese 182. [The Worlds of Camões]. TBA  SC

Religion 1460. [Christianity and Slavery in America, 1619-1865]. TBA

Religion 1518. Religion in Colonial North America and the United States, 1580-1865. Brekus

Slavic 191. Russian Orthodoxy. Freeze

Spanish 70A. [Heroes, Rogues, Lovers, Rebels, Saints: Voices from Medieval and Early Modern Spain]. TBA SC

Spanish 85. The 'Aztecs' Thought Otherwise: Indigenous Culture in Mexico. Vega Olmedo

Spanish 86. Indigenous Plant Knowledge, Magic and Shamanism in Latin America. Vega Olmedo

Spanish 90NP. [Invaders as Ancestors, Gods and Vampires]. TBA

Spanish 90SJ. [Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz or "America's Phoenix"]. TBA

Spanish 117. Kingmakers, Dangerous Grandmothers and Inconsolable Prostitutes: Women in Conquest Narratives. Vega Olmedo

Spanish 122. [Figures and Fictions of Venture Capital and the Law in the Spanish Conquest]. TBA

Spanish 124. Don Quixote and the Art of Reading. Gaylord  SC

Spanish 125. [The New Art of Telling Stories in Spanish: Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares and Other Short Fiction]. TBA