Medieval World

The following 2020-2021 courses count for concentration credit in the Medieval World field.

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Please note that this list is subject to change through the beginning of the semester. Make sure you check back before registering for classes.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Briana Smith.

Key to Requirements:


Celtic Languages and Literatures 109. Finn: The Great Gaelic Hero. Sumner. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 110. The Celtic Arthur. Nagy. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 138. The Mabinogion: Stories from Medieval Wales. McKenna. (TIS)


Chinese Literature 114. Introduction to Premodern Chinese Literature. Tian. (TIS)


Classical Studies 163. Romans and Barbarians in Late Antiquity. Trettel. (TIS)


Comparative Literature 186. Comparative Love: The Song of Songs in Western Tradition. Stern. (TIS) (SPR)

Comparative Literature 193. What's Love Got to Do with It? Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity. Giron Negron. (TIS)


English 40. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Donoghue. (TIS) (IC)

English 45. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Wilson. (TIS) (IC)

English 90MR. Race and Religion in Medieval Literature. Wilson. (TIS) (SPR)

English 102C. Introduction to Old English: Inside the Early Medieval English Classroom. Donoghue and Shack. (TIS) (IC)

English 103R. Advanced Old English: Riddles. Donoghue. (TIS)


Folklore & Mythology 168. Magic and Faith in Medieval Medicine. TBA. (SPR)


French 173. Turmoil and Bliss: Poetry in France (1490-1530). Conley. (TIS)


Gen Ed 1090. What Is a Book?. Stern. (TIS) (SPR) (IC)


Government 1060. Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy. Nelson. (SPR)


Hebrew 113. Halakhah and Aggadah (Law and Lore) in Classical Judaism. Stern. (SPR)

Hebrew 131. The Jewish Library: Four Jewish Classics. Stern. (SPR)

Hebrew 167. Prayer and Prayerbook (Tefillah and Siddur). Stern. (SPR)

Hebrew 255. The Passover Haggadah. Stern. (SPR)


Hindi-Urdu 104. The Classical Urdu Ghazal and Its Symbolism. Kovacs. (TIS)


History 12F. Slavery in the Global Middle Ages. Smail. (HIS)

History 80G. Travelers to Byzantium. Angelov. (HIS)

History 1035. Byzantine Civilization. Angelov. (HIS)

History 1086. Global Africa: From Human Origins to 1860. Havstad. (HIS)

History 1144. The Renaissance in Florence. Hankins. (HIS)


History & Literature 90AN. God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance. Gilsdorf. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR) (IC)


History of Art & Architecture 45M. Medieval Media. Hamburger. (TIS) (IC)

History of Art & Architecture 138M. From Byzantium to the British Isles: The Materiality of Late Antiquity. Georganteli. (HIS) (TIS)

History of Art & Architecture 142P. Architecture through the Ages: Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Hamburger. (TIS)

History of Art & Architecture 144M. Hagia Sophia: Architecture, Space and Ceremony. Kalavrezou.


Islamic Civilizations 110. Major Works of Islamic Civilizations. El-Rouayheb. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR) (IC)

Islamic Civilizations 163. Introduction to Islamic Mystical Traditions. Asani. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 165. Sufi Maters of Persian Poetry: 'Attâr, Rumi, Hâfez. Landau. (TIS) (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 179. Critical Perspectives on the Dynamics and Development of Islam in Africa. Kane. (HIS) (SPR)


Jewish Studies 186. Comparative Love: The Song of Songs in Western Tradition. Stern. (TIS) (SPR)


Medieval Greek 115. Introduction to Byzantine Greek. Riehle. (TIS)


Medieval Latin 10. Introduction to Medieval Latin Literature. Trettel. (TIS)

Medieval Latin 121. Latin Literature 1300-1600 CE. Trettel. (TIS)

Medieval Latin 123. Augustine, De civitate dei. Trettel. (TIS) (SPR)


Medieval Studies 109. Poverty, Wealth, and Religion in the Middle Ages. FitzGerald. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR) (IC)

Medieval Studies 111. Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages. Gilsdorf. (HIS)

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Kamali. (HIS)


Near Eastern Civilizations 101. Historical Background to the Contemporary Middle East: Religion, Literature, and Politics. Barjamovic. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR) (IC)


Persian 152. Literary and Visual Narrative in the Persian Epic Tradition. Landau. (TIS) (SPR)


Religion 1802. Introduction to Islamic Mystical Traditions. Asani. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR)

Religion 1804. Persian Sufi Literature. Boylston. (TIS) (SPR)