Medieval World

The following 2019-2020 courses count for concentration credit in the Medieval World field.

******Please note that this list will be updated through the first week of the fall semester. Make sure you check back before registering for classes.******

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Alan Niles.

Key to Requirements:


Celtic Languages and Literatures 101. [Irish Heroic Saga]. Nagy. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 103. [The Celts]. McKenna. (HIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 105. [The Folklore of Gaelic Ireland]. Sumner. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 106. [The Folklore of Gaelic Scotland]. Sumner. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 109. [Finn: The Great Gaelic Hero]. TBA. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 111. [Shapeshifters and Manbeasts in Celtic Traditions]. McKenna. (TIS) (SPR)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 120. Food and Fantasy in Irish Tradition. Nagy. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 121. [The Art of Storytelling in Medieval Ireland]. TBA. (TIS

Celtic Languages and Literatures 137. Celtic Mythology. Nagy. (TIS) (SPR)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 138. [The Mabinogion: Stories from Medieval Wales]. TBA. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 187. [Literature of the Dispossessed: Gaelic Ireland, c.1600-1900]. TBA. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 188. [Songs of the Highlander]. TBA. (TIS)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 194. [The World of the Celtic Bard]. McKenna. (HIS) (TIS)

Chinese History 113. Society and History of Late Imperial China. Szonyi. (HIS)

Chinese Literature 114. [Introduction to Premodern Chinese Literature]. Tian. (TIS)

Classical Studies 167. History of Greek Literature: Late 11th to Late 17th Century. Roilos. (TIS)

Comparative Literature 114. [Mysticism and Literature]. TBA. (TIS) (SPR)

Comparative Literature 121. [From the 1001 Nights to the Arabian Nights: Adaptation, Transformation, Translation]. Naddaff. (TIS)

Comparative Literature 137. [Child Sacrifice, Pros and Cons: The Binding of Isaac in Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Modern Lit]. (TIS) (SPR)

Comparative Literature 157. From Type to Self in the Middle Ages. Giron Negron. (TIS)

Comparative Literature 172. Comparative Literatures of the Indian Ocean. Lienau. (TIS) (IC)

Comparative Literature 193. [What's Love Got to Do With It; Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity]. TBA. (TIS)

English 40. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Donoghue. (TIS) (IC)

English 41. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Simpson. (TIS) (IC)

English 42. [Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700]. Watson. (TIS) (IC)

English 45. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Wilson. (TIS) (IC)

English 46. [Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700]. Engell. (TIS) (IC)

English 90CL. Comic Imagination Through the Middle Ages. Donoghue. (TIS)

English 90FL. Fantasy Literature and the Imagined Middle Ages. Wilson. (TIS) (IC)

English  90MK. Medieval Women and the Problem of Knowledge. Watson. (TIS)

English 102J. Introduction to Old English: Heroes, Heaven, and Hell. Donoghue. (TIS) (SPR)

English 103D. [Beowulf and Seamus Heaney]. Donoghue. (TIS)

English 103G. Old English: Working with Manuscripts. Donoghue. (TIS)

English 110FF. Medieval Fanfiction. Wilson. (TIS)

Folklore and Mythology 106. History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic. Mitchell. (SPR)

French 144. Humanimals in Medieval French Literature. Greene. (TIS)

German 108. Introduction to the History of the Modern Self: Meister Eckhart and His Successors. TBA. (TIS) (SPR)

Germanic Studies 172. [The Heroic Epic in Northern Europe]. Mitchell. (TIS)

Gen Ed 1088. The Crusades and the Making of East and West. Angelov. (HIS)

Government 1060. Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy. Mansfield. (SPR)

Hindi-Urdu 104. The Classical Urdu Ghazal and Its Symbolism. Kovacs. (TIS)

History 88B. [Medieval History and Cinema]. Kafadar. (HIS)

History 1035. [Byzantine Civilization]. Angelov. (HIS)

History 1301. [Western Intellectual History II: The Prehistory of Modern Thought]. Hankins. (SPR)

History 1700. The History of Sub-Saharan Africa to 1860. Akyeampong. (HIS)

History 1925. Europe and its Other(s). Herzog. (HIS)

History 1935. Byzantine Imperialism. Angelov. (HIS)

History 1878A. The Ottoman Empire and the World, ca. 1000-1550. Kafadar. (HIS)

History & Literature 90AN. God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance. Gilsdorf. (HIS) (SPR) (IC)

History of Art & Architecture 12Y. Introduction to Islamic Art: Visual and Portable Arts in Context. Roxburgh. (TIS)

History of Art & Architecture 120N. Art of the Timurids in Greater Iran and Central Asia. Roxburgh. (TIS)

History of Art & Architecture 138M. From Byzantium to the British Isles: The Materiality of Late Antiquity. Georganteli. (HIS) (TIS)

History of Art & Architecture 143M. The Art of the Court of Constantinople. Kalavrezou. (TIS)

History of Science 108. [Bodies, Sexualities, and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East]. Ragab. (HIS) (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 135. Early and Medieval Islamic History, 600-1500. Husayn. (HIS) (SPR) (IC)

Islamic Civilizations 158X. Introduction to the Qu'ran. Nasser. (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 179. Critical Perspectives on the Dynamics and Development of Islam in Africa. Kane. (HIS) (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 181. [Islam and Religious Diversity]. TBA. (SPR)

Islamic Civilizations 186. [Ismaili History and Thought]. Asani. (HIS) (SPR)

Italian 73. Healing Words after the Black Death: Boccaccio, Petrarch, Catherine of Siena. Camozzi Pistoja. (TIS) (SPR)

Italian 138. The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy. Camozzi Pistoja. (TIS) (SPR)

Japanese Literature 124. [The Tale of Genji in Word and Image]. McCormick. (TIS)

Korean History 111. Traditional Korea. Kim. (HIS)

Korean Literature 110. Premodern Korean Literature. Park. (TIS)

Latin 133. Pagan and Christian Poety in Late Antiquity. Trettel. (TIS) (SPR)

Medieval Latin 10. Introduction to Medieval Latin Literature. Trettel. (TIS)

Medieval Latin 133. Pagan and Christian Poety in Late Antiquity. Trettel. (TIS) (SPR)

Medieval Studies 106. Poets, Kings, and Travellers: Encountering Alexander in the Medieval World. Landau and Gilsdorf. (HIS) (TIS) (IC)

Medieval Studies 107. Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture. Smith. (TIS)

Medieval Studies 111. [Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages]. Gilsdorf. (HIS)

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Kamali. (HIS)

Medieval Studies 119. Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe. Donahue. (HIS)

Persian 105. Beyond Akhlāq: Ethical Literatures of the Persianate World. Ames. (TIS)

Persian 108. Persian Sufi Literature. Boylston. (TIS) (SPR)

Persian 155. "Beginnings": Prefaces and Exordiums in Classical Persian Literature. Landau. (TIS)

Philosophy 117. [Medieval Philosophy]. McDonough. (SPR)

Religion 59. [The Real Game of Thrones - Culture, Society, and Religion in the Middle Ages]. Kirakosian. (HIS) (TIS) (SPR) (IC)

Religion 1448. [Mystical Theology]. TBA. (SPR)

Religion 1802. [Introduction to Islamic Mystical Traditions]. Asani. (SPR)

Religion 1804. [Persian Sufi Literature]. Boylston. (TIS) (SPR)

Religion 1812. [Islam and Religious Diversity]. TBA. (SPR)

Religion 1816. [Ismaili History and Thought]. Asani. (HIS) (SPR)

Slavic 138. Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus'. Flier. (HIS)

South Asian Studies 126. Medieval and Modern History of Kashmir. Witzel. (HIS)

Spanish 70A. Hispanic Literature: The Middle Ages. Giron Negron. (TIS)

Spanish 110. [Hispanic Literature: The Middle Ages]. TBA. (TIS)