Ethnic Studies

The following 2016-2017 courses count for concentration credit in the Ethnic Studies field.

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Mike D'Alessandro.

Key to Requirements:

[Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 26. Race, Gender, and Performance. Bernstein.]

[Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 53. Anime as Global Popular Culture. Yoda.] (T)

African and African American Studies 10. Introduction to African American Studies. Gates and Bobo. (I)

African and African American Studies 103y. Histories of Racial Capitalism. Jenkins. (T)

African and African American Studies 105x. Anthropology and Africa. Meiu. (T)

African and African American Studies 110x. “Welcome Aboard Celebrity Slaveship”: Representations of the Middle Passage in American Culture. Micconi. (Pre-1900) (T)

[African and African American Studies 111. Spectral Fictions, Savage Phantasms: Race and Gender in Anti-Racist South African and African American Drama, Fiction and Film. Jeyifo. (T)

[African and African American Studies 112. Black Humor: Performance, Art, and Literature. Carpio.] (I)

African and African American Studies 116. Autobiography and Memoir: Remembering the Self. Kincaid.

[African and African American Studies 116x. The Child in the Empire. Kincaid.] (T)

[African and African American Studies 116y. Landscape and the African American. Kincaid.]

[African and African American Studies 117x. Of Mean Streets and Jungle Fevers: Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee. Jeyifo.]

[African and African American Studies 117y. Specters of Race and Paroxysms of Violence in Scorsese and Tarantino. Jeyifo.]

African and African American Studies 118. The History of African Americans from the Slave Trade to the Civil War. Brown. (Pre-1900) (T)

African and African American Studies 120x. African American Theatre, Drama, and Performance. Bernstein.

[African and African American Studies 122x. The History of African Americans from the Civil War to the Present. Hinton.]

[African and African American Studies 123x. Mass Incarceration in Historical Perspective. Hinton.

African and African American Studies 123y. The Historical Philosophy of W.E.B. Dubois. West.

African and African American Studies 123z. American Democracy. West and Mangabeira Unger.

[African and African American Studies 124x. Afro-Latino Letters.] (T)

[African and African American Studies 125x. Urban Inequality after Civil Rights. Hinton.]

[African and African American Studies 128. Black Nationalism.]

[African and African American Studies 130x. Richard Wright: Literature, Philosophy, and Politics. Carpio and Shelby.]

African and African American Studies 131. African American Literature from the Beginnings to the Harlem Renaissance. Micconi. (Pre-1900)

[African and African American Studies 132x. The Black Power Debates: Politics, Philosophy, and Culture. Terry.]

[African and African American Studies 132y. Issues of Race, Culture, and Class in Post-Civil Rights Political and Social Theory.]

[African and African American Studies 134. 19th and 20th Century Black Political Thought: From Slavery to Black Power. Terry.]

African and African American Studies 134z. Thomas Jefferson and the African in America. Kincaid. (Pre-1900)

[African and African American Studies 135x. Reading DuBois. Shelby and Johnson.]

[African and African American Studies 136. Black Religion and Economic Thought. Frederick.]

[African and African American Studies 137. Literature, Oratory, Popular Music and the Politics of Liberation. Jeyifo.]

[African and African American Studies 139x. Power, Struggle, and Abolition in the Atlantic World.]  (Pre-1900)

[African and African American Studies 140x. Film, Fiction, and Diaspora. Jeyifo.] (T)

[African and African American Studies 141x. Prejudice and Racism in Modern Society. Sidanius.]

African and African American Studies 143. Representing Blackness: Media, Technology and Power in Hiphop Culture. Morgan.]

[African and African American Studies 145x. The Hiphop Cipher: ‘These are the Breaks’. Morgan.]

African and African American Studies 145y.  Hiphop Theory & Philosophy: Black Comix & Imagining the Real World of Badass Superheroes. Morgan.

African and African American Studies 150x. Race, Racism, and American Politics. Bobo.

[African and African American Studies 151x. Hiphop Activism: From Katrina to Ferguson.]

[African and African American Studies 153x. Hiphop America: Hiphop Feminism from ‘Ladies First’ to ‘Ride or Die’.]

[African and African American Studies 154. Language and Discourse: Race, Class and Gender. Morgan.]

[African and African American Studies 161. Religion, Diaspora, and Migration. Olupona.] (T)

[African and African American Studies 162. Indigenous Religious Traditions and Modernity.]

[African and African American Studies 164. Mother Tongue: African American English and Social Change. Morgan.]

African and African American Studies 165. Anthropology of the Black Community. Morgan. (T)

[African and African American Studies 166. Women’s Language and Discourse in the African Diaspora.] (T)

African and African American Studies 175x. Policing and Militarization Today. Ralph and Beliso-De Jesus.

[African and African American Studies 179. Jazz, Freedom, and Culture. Monson.]

[African and African American Studies 180x. Race, Class and the Making of American Religion. Frederick.]

[African and African American Studies 182. From R&B to Neo Soul: Black Popular Music and Cultural Transformation. Monson.]

[African and African American Studies 183x. Queer of Color Theory.]

[African and African American Studies 184x. Women, Religion and Redemption.]

African and African American Studies 185x. What is Black Art? African American Cultural Production from the Early Republic to Civil Rights. Lewis.

[African and African American Studies 186x. Childhood in African America. Bernstein.]

[African and African American Studies 189x. Medicine, Culture, and Society. Comaroff.] (T)

African and African American Studies 191x. African American Lives in the Law. Higginbotham.

African and African American Studies 197. Poverty, Race, and Health. Williams.

[African and African American Studies 198x. Scientific Racism: A History]

African and African American Studies 199X. Social Revolutions in Latin America. de la Fuente. (T)

Anthropology 1080. American History Before Columbus. Liebmann. (Pre-1900) (T)

Anthropology 1175. The Archaeology of Ethnicity. Urton. (T)

[Anthropology 1648. Latin@s Remaking America: Immigration, Culture and Language]. Carrasco. (T)

Anthropology 1785. Law and Violence in Latin America. Jusionyte. (T)

[Anthropology 1795. The Politics of Language and Identity in Latin America. Laserna.] (T)

Comparative Literature 131. The Arab-American Experience in Fiction, Film, and Popular Culture. Naddaff.

Culture and Belief 16. Performance, Tradition and Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Folklore and Mythology. Mitchell. (T)

Culture and Belief 19. Understanding Islam and Contemporary Muslim Societies. Asani. (T)

Culture and Belief 21. Pathways through the Andes - Culture, History, and Beliefs in Andean America. Urton. (Pre-1900)  (T)

Culture and Belief 49. American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac. Stauffer and McCarthy. (Pre-1900)

East Asian Film and Media 110: Film and Popular Culture Flows Across East Asia. Zahlten. (T)

East Asian Film and Media 111: East Asian Media Studies. Zahlten. (T)

English 68. Migrations: American Immigrant Literature. Carpio. (I) (T)

[English 90fd. The Rhetoric of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Stauffer.] (Pre-1900)

[English 90hv. When Harlem Was in Vogue. Bilbija.]

[English 154f. Faulkner, Morrison, and the Representation of Race. Weinstein.]

[English 177. American Law, Race, and Narrative. Bilbija.] (Pre-1900)

[English 181a. Asian American Literature. Kim.] (I)

English 195tw. 20th Century African American Literature. Carpio.

English 195x. Contemporary African American Literature. Carpio.

[Ethnicity, Rights, Migration 10: The EMR of Food: How Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights are Part of the Food We Eat. Desmond.] (T)

[Ethnicity, Rights, Migration 123. Issues in the Study of Native American Religion. Braude.] (T)

Ethnicity, Migration, Rights 125. Indigenous Worldviews: Critical Issues in Native North America. Clements.

Ethnicity, Rights, Migration 126. American History Before Columbus. Liebmann. (Pre-1900) (T)

Folklore and Mythology 156. Traffic on the Road: The Folklorist and the Highway. Goldstein. (T)

Folklore and Mythology 176. Tattoo: Histories and Practices. Lufkin.

French 166. Diasporas, Migrations, Creolizations. Lionnet. (T)

[French 174. Mediterranean Crossings: Exiles, Migrants and Refugees. Conley.] (T)

Government 94cb. The Politics of Citizenship and Naturalization. Brown. (T)

Government 94ip. Identity, Politics, and Policy. Weeks.

Government 94hg. The Politics and Political Economy of Inequality in Latin America. Hagopian.  (T) 

Government 94q. US-Latin American Relations. Dominguez. (T)

[History 13e. History of Modern Mexico. Weld.] (T)

History 13n. American Immigration. Nichols. (Pre-1900) (T)

History 13p. Race & Riots in American History, 1600-Present. Pope.

[History 84g. Harvard and Slavery. Beckert.] (Pre-1900)

[History 84h. The Northern Side of the Civil Rights Movement. Higginbotham.]

History 1013. Pacific Crossings: Introduction to Asian American History. Clutario. (I) (T)

[History 1014. Gender & Empire. Clutario.] (I) (T)

History 1032. A History of Brazil, from Independence to the Present. Chalhoub. (Pre-1900) (T)

History 1405. American Legal History, 1776-1865. Gordon-Reed (Pre-1900)

History 1511. Latin America and the United States. Weld (T)

[History 1513. History of Modern Latin America. Weld.] (T)

History 1520. Colonial Latin America. Herzog. (Pre-1900) (T)

History 1700. The History of Sub-Saharan Africa to 1860. Akyeampong. (Pre-1900) (T)

[History 1704. Slavery and Slave Trade in Africa and the Americas. Akyeampong] (Pre-1900) (T)

History 1904. Polygamy Debates: Competing Visions of Marriage, 1600-present. Ulrich. (Pre-1900) (T)

[History 1911. Pacific History. Armitage] (Pre-1900) (T)

[History 1925. Europe and its Other(s). Herzog.] (T)

[History 1930. Literature and Social History: A View from Brazil. Chalhoub.] (Pre-1900) (T)

History 1929. Slavery, Commerce, and Emancipation in the Age of the French and Haitian Revolutions. Lewis. (Pre-1900) (T)

[History 1931. Slavery, Disease and Race: A View from Brazil. Chalhoub.] (Pre-1900) (T)

History and Literature 90bg. Colonialism, Globalization, and Culture in Asian Diaspora(s). Clutario. (I) (T)

History and Literature 90br. Cultures of Commodity Production Across the Americas. Sullivan. (I) (T)

History and Literature 90cc. Boundaries, Borders, Bodies. Gharavi. (T)

History and Literature 90ce. The Civil War in the American Imagination. Pearson. (Pre-1900)

History and Literature 90cf. The American Prison and the Literature of Punishment. Dichter. (Pre-1900)

History and Literature 90ck. Beauty and Power: Race and Gender in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Clutario. (I)

History and Literature 90cm. Asian American Cultural Studies. Park. (I) (T)

History and Literature 90co. Latin American Cultural Criticism. Carrasco. (I) (Pre-1900) (T)

History and Literature 90l. Stories of Slavery and Freedom. McCarthy. (Pre-1900)

History of Art and Architecture 176e. Vision and Justice: The Art of Citizenship. Lewis. (Pre-1900)

[History of Art and Architecture 191w. Image of the Black in Western Art]. Bindman. (T)

[History of Art and Architecture 194w. Worlds Fairs. Blier.] (T)

History of Art & Architecture 195E. Africa and Europe: Histories of Exchange. Blier and Bindman. (Pre-1900) (T)

History of Science 140 Public Health on the Border: Race, Politics, and Health in Modern Mexico. Soto Laveaga. (T)

[History of Science 147. The Changing Concept of Race in America: From Jefferson to Genomics. Hammonds.] (Pre-1900) (T)

[Portuguese 145. Transatlantic Africa and Brazil. Blackmore.] (Pre-1900) (T)

Religion 1009. Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Politics. Braude and Ahmed. (T)

[Religion 1018. African American Religions: An Introduction. Walton.] (Pre-1900)

[Religion 1460. Christianity and Slavery in America, 1619-1865. Brekus.] (Pre-1900)

Religion 1472. The Ethical and Religious Thought of Martin Luther King. Williams.

[Religion 1590. Issues in the Study of Native American Religion. Braude.]

Religion 1829. Race and Gender in the History of Islam in the U.S. and Europe. Ahmed. (T)

Religion 1842. Religion, Gender, Identity: Readings in Arab and Muslim Autobiography. Ahmed. (T)

Societies of the World 15. The Cuban Revolution, 1956-1971: A Self-Debate. Dominguez. (T)  

[Societies of the World 30. Moctezuma's Mexico: Then and Now. Carrasco and Fash.] (Pre-1900) (T)

Societies of the World 34. The Caribbean: Globalization, Socio-Economic Development & Cultural Adaptation. Patterson. (T)

Societies of the World 37. Asian Diasporas. Szonyi and Amrith. (T)

Societies of the World 40. The Incas: The Last Great Empire of Pre-Columbian South America. Urton. (Pre-1900) (T)

Spanish 71b. Introduction to Modern Latin American Literature. Delgado. (T)

Spanish 85. The 'Aztecs' Thought Otherwise: Indigenous Culture in Mexico. Vega Olmedo. (Pre-1900) (T)

Spanish 86. Indigenous Plant Knowledge, Magic and Shamanism in Latin America. Vega Olmedo. (Pre-1900) (T)

[Spanish 90np. Invaders as Ancestors, Gods and Vampires. Legnani.] (T)

Spanish 117. Kingmakers, Dangerous Grandmothers and Inconsolable Prostitutes: Women in Conquest Narratives. Vega Olmedo. (Pre-1900) (T)

Spanish 126. Performing Latinidad. Garcia Peña. (I) (T)

Spanish 146. Tropical Fantasies: The Hispanic Caribbean and Haiti in Contemporary Literature. García Peña. (I) (T)

Spanish 165. Bilingual Arts. Sommer. (T)

Spanish 242. Latina/o Theory: Being and Knowing. Rivera. (T)

Theatre, Dance & Media 1229. Asian American Theater & Performance. Huang. (T)

Theatre, Dance and Media 1246. Staging Protest. Huang.

[United States in the World 12. American Encounters: Art, Contact, and Conflict, 1560-1860. Roberts.] (Pre-1900) (T)

[United States and the World 15. Is the American Racial Order Being Transformed? Hochschild.] (T)

United States in the World 19. American Food: A Global History. Chaplin. (T)

United States and the World 26. Sex and the Citizen: Race, Gender, and Belonging in the United States. Light.

United States in the World 28. Slavery/Capitalism/Imperialism: The US in the Nineteenth Century. Johnson. (Pre-1900) (T)

[United States in the World 30. Tangible Things: Harvard Collections in World History. Ulrich.] (Pre-1900) (T)

[United States in the World 33. Religion and Social Change. Frederick.] (T)

United States in the World 34. The Civil War from Nat Turner to Birth of a Nation. Stauffer. (Pre-1900)

[United States in the World 41. Power and Protest: The United States in the World of the 1960s. McGirr.] (T)

Visual and Environmental Studies 176. Border Cinema. Sheehan. (T)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1125. Gender, Poverty and Health: Social Inequalities and Social Policy. Ruggie.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1200fh. The History of Feminism: Narratives of Gender, Race, and Rights. Thompson.

[Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1200sh. Power to the People: Black Power, Radical Feminism, and Gay Liberation, 1955-1975. Bronski.]

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1210 QT. Theories of Race and Sexuality. Reid-Pharr.

[Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1221. La Chicana: Race, Gender, and Mexican-American Identity. Grigsby.]  (T)

[Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1221. La Chicana: Race, Gender, and Mexican-American Identity. Grigsby.] (T)

[Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1228. Race, Gender, and Criminality. Grigsby.]

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1231. American Social Bodies. Luis.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1247. I Will Survive: Women’s Political Resistance Through Popular Song. Bronski.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1273. Black Masculinities in Literature, Film, and Visual Culture. Reid-Pharr.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1424. American Fetish: Consumer Culture Encounters the Other. Light.

[Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1467. Sex, Race, and the Visual: Studies in Art and Literature. Brown.]