Modern World

Unlike other fields of study in History & Literature, there is no pre-existing list of Courses That Count for concentration credit in the Modern World. Instead, students assemble their own unique list of courses that will enable them to pursue their individual topic of study and to meet field requirements. That unique list of courses that count is approved as part of the Modern World proposal. For more information about the proposal see here.

The following are examples of courses that can be used the Modern World Field requirement for an introductory course on empire, diaspora, or globalization. This is not an exhaustive list but a guide and please do feel free to include a different course that you think meets the requirement in your proposal.

Courses taught in History & Literature:

History & Literature 90EY. Human Rights and Humanitariansim in the Modern World.

History & Literature 90EW. Migrants and Displacement in the Modern Middle East.

History & Literature 90EZ. The Global South Asian Diaspora.

History & Literature 90EQ. Nuclear Imperialisms.

History & Literature 90FH. Witchcraft and Magic in the Atlantic World. 

Courses taught in other departments:

African and African American Studies 11. Introduction to African Studies.

African and African American Studies 119X. Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food.

African and African American Studies 174. The African City.

Comparative Literature 140. World Cinema.

Comparative Literature 171 Counter-Imperialism and Asian-African Literatures

English 90CNC. Conrad, Naipaul, Coetzee: Genealogies of the Global Imagination.

English 90NI. The Novel in India. 

English 184CF. City Fictions.

French 174. Mediterranean Crossings.

General Education 1019. The Caribbean Crucible.

General Education 1036. Global Feminisms.

General Education 1115. Human Trafficking, Slavery, and Abolition in the Modern World.

General Education 1155. Literatures of Decolonization.

History 89A. British Colonial Violence in the 20th Century.

History 1009. The Making of the Modern Middle East.

History 1023. Japan in Asia and the World.

History 1024. The British Empire.

History 1036. Modern South Asia.

History 1206. Empire, Nation, and Immigration in France since 1870.

History 1513. History of Modern Latin America.

History 1701. West Africa from 1800 to the Present.

History 1908. Racial Capitalism and the Black Tradition.

History 1911. Pacific History.

History 1947. The Imperial Map.

History 1984. The Dutch Empire.

History of Science 119VH. Sugar, Spice, and Science.

Humanities 12. Essential Works in World Literature.

Islamic Civilizations 130. Islam, Modernity, and Politics.

Modern Middle East 100. Introduction to the Modern Middle East.

Religion 2519. Race, Coloniality, and Catastrophe.

Spanish 178. Queer Latinidad.

Spanish 146. Tropical Fantasies: The Hispanic Caribbean and Haiti in Contemporary Literature.

Women, Gender & Sexuality 1426. The Sexual Life of Colonialism.