HL90 Seminars

What are HL90 Seminars?

HIST-LIT 90 Seminars are discussion-based, writing-intensive, interdisciplinary courses usually capped at 15 students. They are taught by members of our Tutorial Board and Committee on Degrees. First-year students and sophomores interested in History & Literature are encouraged to take HL90 Seminars to get to know the concentration. These courses can be used to satisfy distribution requirements in History & Literature, and students have the option to count one HL90 on any topic for concentration credit regardless of field.

Deadline for applications to a Fall 2020 HL90 is August 21. Please use this form to submit an application.

How to shop HL90s in Fall 2020

To shop an HL90 seminar please click on the link on the relevant course Canvas site below to see what events are being offered. Alternatively, reach out to the instructor directly.

Fall 2020 seminars

Spring 2021 seminars