HL90CM: Asian American Cultural Studies





Instructor: Terry Park
Meeting time: Thursday, 3-5

From yellow peril invaders to model minorities, Asian Americans have long been the indispensible threat and reliable punch line of U.S. popular culture. In response to these reductive constructions, Asian Americans have crafted their own dynamic cultural expressions in a number of media—from film, television, and music to fashion, sports, and food—that reveal the broad complexity of Asian America and contest the contradictions of the U.S. nation-state. Asian American culture also uniquely sits at the nexus of immigration flows and digital technologies, providing a transnational lens to view the US’s place in the world. This seminar, then, will introduce students to the study and practice of Asian American culture as heterogeneous, hybrid, and multiple. In doing so, students will gain an understanding of the shifting and interlocking tensions among the local, the national, and the global that form the cultural geographies of Asian America.