Senior Tutorial

The Senior Tutorial is a year-long, one-on-one course devoted primarily to researching and writing the Senior Thesis, but also to preparing for the Senior Oral Exam. Students typically meet with their tutor once a week to discuss their ideas and work in progress.

In the Senior Tutorial, as in the Junior Tutorial, students’ tutors act as their academic advisers. If a faculty member outside History & Literature serves as the thesis adviser, History & Literature will also provide the student with a concentration adviser who, as a member of the Tutorial Board, is trained to guide students through the final year of the concentration.

In the fall, seniors consult with their advisers about course selection and any remaining requirements. Because the oral exam in the spring will require students to demonstrate their breadth of knowledge of the field, seniors and their advisers should discuss the coursework the student has completed as well as the cumulative bibliography, looking for courses that will complete the student's undergraduate education.

If a concentrator does not complete the senior thesis, does not have a concentration GPA of 3.0 or above, or does not receive an honors evaluation on the thesis, the Committee on Degrees will recommend that the student graduate with a no honors in History & Literature. Students not completing a thesis must first secure the permission of the Director of Studies to withdraw from candidacy for honors and then submit two twenty-page papers (one each semester) or one forty-page paper (by the last day of classes in the spring term). Alternately, students may take additional courses that count for concentration credit to replace one or both semesters of Senior Tutorial.