European Studies

The following 2019-2020 courses count for concentration credit in the European Studies field.

******Please note that this list will be updated through the first week of the fall semester. Make sure you check back before registering for classes.******

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Alan Niles.

Key to Requirements:
Pre-1900: Pre-1900

Anthropology 1861. Anthropology and the Colonial Present. Kusumaryati. (TH)  

Celtic Languages and Literatures 101. [Irish Heroic Saga]. Nagy. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 103. [The Celts]. McKenna. (HS) (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 105. [The Folklore of Gaelic Ireland]. Sumner. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 106. [The Folklore of Gaelic Scotland]. Sumner. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 109. [Finn: The Great Gaelic Hero]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 111. [Shapeshifters and Manbeasts in Celtic Traditions]. McKenna. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 120. Food and Fantasy in Irish Tradition. Nagy. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 121. [The Art of Storytelling in Medieval Ireland]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 137. Celtic Mythology. Nagy. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 138. [The Mabinogion: Stories from Medieval Wales]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 187. [Literature of the Dispossessed: Gaelic Ireland, c.1600-1900]. TBA. (TL) (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 188. [Songs of the Highlander]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Celtic Languages and Literatures 194. [The World of the Celtic Bard]. McKenna. (Pre-1900)

Classical Studies 167. History of Greek Literature: Late 11th to Late 17th Century. Roilos. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 102. Comparing, Connecting, Compos(t)ing: Comparative Literature from Lucretius to Elfriede Jelinek. Piechocki.    

Comparative Literature 106. The Yiddish Short Story: Folk Tales, Monologues, and Post-Apocalyptic Parables. Zaritt. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 107. [The Politics of Yiddish]. Zaritt. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 113. [Existential Fictions: From Saint Augustine to Jean-Paul Sartre and Beyond]. Conley. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 114. [Mysticism and Literature]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 123. [Island Literature]. Shell. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 127. [Comparative Modernisms]. TBA. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 128. Modernism in Theory and Practice. Damrosch.    

Comparative Literature 133. [Shakespeare and the Globe]. Shell. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 135. [History of Drama]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 139. [Fictions of Kin and Kind]. Shell.    

Comparative Literature 153. Nabokov. Weir.    

Comparative Literature 157. From Type to Self in the Middle Ages. Giron Negron. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 173. [Carmen and the Art of Seduction]. Hamilton. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 174. [Realism, Fantasy, and the Grotesque: Hoffmann and Balzac]. Hamilton. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 180. Bargaining with the Devil: the Faust Legend. Hamilton. (TL) (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 181. Fallen Grace: Heinrich von Kleist. Hamilton. (Pre-1900)

Comparative Literature 188. [Futurisms: A Comparative History]. Schnapp. (TL) 

Comparative Literature 193. [What's Love Got to Do With It; Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity]. Negron. (Pre-1900)

English 40. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Donoghue. (Pre-1900)

English 41. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Simpson. (Pre-1900)

English 42. [Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700]. Watson. (Pre-1900)

English 45. Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700. Wilson. (Pre-1900)

English 46. [Arrivals: British Literature, 700-1700]. Engell.    

English 50. [Poets: Ode, Elegy, Epigram, Fragment, Song]. Burt.    

English 55. Poets: Foundations of Lyric Poetry. Sacks.    

English 56. [Poets: Lyric and Narrative]. Warren.    

English 90CB. Chekov/Beckett. TBA.    

English 90CL. Comic Imagination Through the Middle Ages. Donoghue. (Pre-1900)

English 90FL. Fantasy Literature and the Imagined Middle Ages. Wilson. (Pre-1900)

English 90HB. [Five Shakespeare Plays]. Shell. (Pre-1900)

English 90KA. [The Brontës]. TBA.    

English 90KB. [Poems of Seamus Heaney and Thomas Hardy]. Scarry.    

English 90LV. Consciousness from Austen to Woolf. Wood. (TL) 

English 90LW. [Spenser's Faerie Queene and the Renaissance Imagination]. TBA.    

English  90MK. Medieval Women and the Problem of Knowledge. Watson.    

English 90NB. [Nabokov Novels in English]. TBA.    

English 90SB. Staging Shakespeare. Miller.    

English 90SR. Shakespeare's Rome. Whittington. (Pre-1900)

English 90TB. [Literature and the Rise of Public Science]. Osadetz. (Pre-1900)

English 90YP. W.B. Yeats. Sacks.    

English 192. Political Theatre and the Structure of Drama. Scarry.    

English 102J. Introduction to Old English: Heroes, Heaven, and Hell. Donoghue. (Pre-1900)

English 103D. [Beowulf and Seamus Heaney]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

English 103G. Old English: Working with Manuscripts. Donoghue. (Pre-1900)

English 110FF. [Medieval Fanfiction]. Wilson.    

English 111. [Epic: From Homer to Star Wars]. Whittington. (TL) 

English 121CG. Shakespeare after Hamlet. Teskey.    

English 125LP. English Lyric Poetry from the Renaissance to the Romantics. Teskey.    

English 131P. Milton's Paradise Lost. Teskey. (Pre-1900)

English 141. [When Novels Were New]. Lynch. (Pre-1900)

English 146ET. An Enlightenment for Today?. Engell.    

English 148. Modern Monsters in Literature and Film. Lynch. (Pre-1900)

English 151. [Nineteenth-Century Novel]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

English 154S. [Sexing Victorian Fiction]. TBA.     

English 157. [The Classic Phase of the Novel]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

English 165. Proust, Joyce, Woolf: Aestheticism and Modernism. Fisher.    

English 188GF. [Global Fictions]. Rich. TL 

Folklore and Mythology 106. History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic. Mitchell.    

Folklore & Mythology 128. Fair Tale, Myth, and Fantasy Literature. Tatar. (Pre-1900)

Folklore & Mythology 160. [Scandinavian Folklore: Trolls, Trolldom and the Uses of Tradition]. Mitchell.    

French 61M. Modern Stories about Paris. Knudson.    

French 61C. The New Wave: Reinventing French Cinema. Knudson.    

French 61N. Exploring French Language and Culture Through Industry: Fashion, Cabarets, and les Grands Magasins. Turman.    

French 70C. Introduction to French Literature III: The Francophone World. Lionnet. (TL) 

French 80. French Theater across Time: An Introduction to Performance. Guyot. (Pre-1900)

French 106. L'autre Balzac/The Other Balzac. Beizer. (Pre-1900)

French 110. Marcel Proust and His Times. Greene.    

French 127. Talking about Food. Beizer. (Pre-1900)

French 128. Growing Pains: Le roman d'apprentissage, l'apprentissage du roman. Kim.    

French 136. A la Francaise: French Feminisms Today. Jardine.    

French 144. Humanimals in Medieval French Literature. Greene.    

French 153. The Novel after the New Novel. Kim.    

French 174. Mediterranean Crossings: Exiles, Migrants and Refugees. Conley. (Pre-1900)

French 180. "The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi. Jardine.    

Gen Ed 1155. Literatures of Decolonization. Lienau. (TL) 

Gen Ed 1081. The Celts: People or Construct?. McKenna.    

Gen Ed 1034. Texts in Transition. Blair and Whittington. (Pre-1900)

Gen Ed 1088. The Crusades and the Making of East and West. Angelov. (Pre-1900)

Gen Ed 1118. The Holocaust. Madigan.    

German 63. Germany and Europe: Heimat, Exile, Return. TBA.    

German 64. [Environment Matters: Green Thought in the German-Speaking World]. TBA.    

German 67. [German in Revue: Kabarett through the 20th Century]. TBA.    

German 101. German Literature, Culture, and Society. Schwakopf.    

German 102. German Literature, Art, and Thought. TBA.    

German 108. Introduction to the History of the Modern Self: Meister Eckhart and His Successors. TBA. (Pre-1900)

German 120. [The Age of Goethe]. Burgard. (Pre-1900)

German 140. [German Social Thought, Nietzsche to Habermas]. Gordon.    

German 143. German Empires, 1848-1948. Frank Johnson. (HS) (TH)  

German 145. [Repression and Expression: Sexuality, Gender, and Language in Fin-de-siècle Literature and Art]. Burgard.    

German 153. Postwall German Cinema. TBA.    

German 164. [Shaping National Identity: Cultural Trauma in Germany and the U.S.]. Suetterlin.    

German 171. Katastrophe Erzählen. TBA.    

German 173. [Carmen and the Art of Seduction]. Hamilton. (Pre-1900)

German 180. [Bargaining with the Devil: the Faust Legend]. Hamilton. (TL) (Pre-1900)

German 185. Fallen Grace: Heinrich von Kleist. Hamilton.    

Germanic Studies 172. [The Heroic Epic in Northern Europe]. Mitchell.    

Government 1203. Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. Ekiert.    

Government 1243. Russian Politics in Transition. Colton.    

Government 2072. Rousseau's Political Thought. Tuck. (Pre-1900)

History 13S. [Secrets and Lies in European History]. Lewis. (Pre-1900)

History 14D. From the Belle Époque to the Third Reich: Culture and Aesthetics in France and Germany, 1880-1945. Heelan.  (TH)  

History 14P. The Holocaust Between History and Memory. Penslar.  (TH)  

History 14Q. Amsterdam: A Global History. Brandon. (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 14U. The Political Thought of Christendom. Hankins and Nelson. (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 14V. Walter Benjamin.    

History 82B. [Fin-de-Siècle Vienna]. Johnson.    

History 82F. The Origins of the Cold War: The Yalta Conference. Plokhii. (TH)  

History 88B. [Medieval History and Cinema]. Kafadar.    

History 89A. [British Colonial Violence in the 20th Century]. Elkins. (TH)  

History 1004. Modern Europe, 1789 to the Present. Bloch. (HS)   

History 1024. The British Empire. Jasanoff. (HS) (TH)  

History 1035. [Byzantine Civilization]. Angelov. (HS) (Pre-1900)

History 1049. Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Bloch. (TH)  

History 1053. [After Catastrophe: Europe Since 1945]. Bloch. (TH)  

History 1155. Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789. Blair. (HS) (Pre-1900)

History 1206. Empire, Nation, and Immigration in France since 1870. Lewis. (HS) (TH)  

History 1240. Artifacts of the Russian Empire. Duncan Smith. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1265. German Empires, 1848-1948. Frank Johnson. (HS) (TH)  

History 1270. Frontiers of Europe: Ukraine since 1500. Plokhii. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1280. History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991. Martin. (HS)   

History 1281. [The End of Communism]. Martin. (TH)  

History 1284. [Revolutionary Eurasia, 1905-1949]. Martin. (TH)  

History 1301. [Western Intellectual History II: The Prehistory of Modern Thought]. Hankins. (HS) (Pre-1900)

History 1323. [German Social Thought, Nietzsche to Habermas]. Gordon.     

History 1324. [French Social Thought, Durkheim to Foucault]. Gordon.    

History 1878A. The Ottoman Empire and the World, ca. 1000-1550. Kafadar. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1878B. [Ottoman State and Society II (1550-1920)]. Kafadar. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1907. Germans and Jews. Penslar. (TH)  

History 1909. [East  European Identities: Russia and Ukraine]. Plokhii. (TH)  

History 1921. The History of Law in Europe. Herzog. (HS)   

History 1925. Europe and its Other(s). Herzog.  (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1929. [Slavery, Commerce, and Emancipation in the Age of the French and Haitian Revolutions]. Lewis.  (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1935. Byzantine Imperialism. Angelov. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History 1947. The Imperial Map: Geographic Information in the Age of Empire. O'Neill. (TH)   

History 1984. The Dutch Empire. Brandon. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History & Literature 90DG. Everyday Life in Cold War Berlin. Smith.    

History & Literature 90DZ. Too Soon? Comedy in Europe's Tragic Twentieth Century. Brackney. (TH) (TL) 

History & Literature 90EB. Gender and Empire in the Modern Mediterranean. Boonstra. (TH) (TL) 

History of Art & Architecture 16D. Northern Renaissance and Baroque Painting and Sculpture: Van Eyck to Bruegel. Koerner. (Pre-1900)

History of Art & Architecture 61P. Introduction to Southern European Sculpture. Pereda and Kinew. (Pre-1900)

History of Art & Architecture 138M. From Byzantium to the British Isles: The Materiality of Late Antiquity. Georganteli. (Pre-1900)

History of Art & Architecture 143M. The Art of the Court of Constantinople. Kalavrezou. (Pre-1900)

History of Art & Architecture 161G. Francisco de Goya: Art as Testimony, the Artist as Witness. Pereda. (Pre-1900)

History of Art & Architecture 171X. Exoticism and Orientalism. Lajer-Burcharth. (Pre-1900)

History of Science 117. [Inventing Science: Stars, Bodies, Books, and Beasts, 1500-1700]. Marcus. (Pre-1900)

History of Science 119VH. Sugar, Spice, and Science: Colonialism and Commerce in the Making of a Global History of Science. Heintzmann. (HS) (TH) (Pre-1900)

History of Science 158. [Latin America as Laboratory, 1492-Present]. Soto Laveaga. (TH) (Pre-1900)

Humanities 12. [Essential Works in World Literature]. Puchner and Damrosch.    

Humanities 10A. A Humanities Colloquium: From Homer to Garcia Marquez. Menand et al.    

Humanities 10B. A Humanities Colloquium: From Joyce to Homer. Greenblatt et al.    

Humanities 11B. [The Art of Listening]. Hamilton and Rehding.    

Italian 73. Healing Words after the Black Death: Boccaccio, Petrarch, Catherine of Siena. Camozzi Pistoja. (Pre-1900)

Italian 116. Renaissance Revolutions. Erspamer. (Pre-1900)

Italian 138. The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy. Camozzi Pistoja. (Pre-1900)

Jewish Studies 160. Berlin: German Capital, Jewish Center. Seelig. (TH)  

Latin 133. Pagan and Christian Poetry in Late Antiquity. Trettel. (Pre-1900)

Medieval Studies 106. Poets, Kings, and Travellers: Encountering Alexander in the Medieval World. Landau and Gilsdorf. (HS) (Pre-1900)

Medieval Studies 107. [Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture]. Smith. (Pre-1900)

Medieval Studies 111. [Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages]. Gilsdorf. (Pre-1900)

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Kamali. (Pre-1900)

Medieval Studies 119. Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe. Donahue. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 8. Self and the World: An Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy. Simmons. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 117. [Medieval Philosophy]. McDonagh. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 120. [The Rationalists]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 125. [Beyond Dualism: Descartes and his Critics]. Simmons. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 126. The Philosophy of Emilie du Chatelet. McDonagh. (Pre-1900)

Philosophy 188. [Philosophy and Literature: Proust]. Moran.    

Portuguese 182. The Worlds of Camões. Blackmore. (TL) (Pre-1900)

Religion 59. [The Real Game of Thrones - Culture, Society, and Religion in the Middle Ages]. Kirakosian. (Pre-1900)

Religion 61. Literature of Modern Religious Experience and Reflection: Texts in the Christian Tradition. Engell.    

Religion 1525. The Holocaust: Religion and Representation. Madigan.    

Religion 1543. Nineteenth Century Religious Thought: Theology and the Critique of Religion. Lamberth. (Pre-1900)

Romance Studies 168. [Futurisms (A Comparative History)]. Schnapp. (TL) 

Russian 111. Advanced Russian: Readings in Russian/Post-Soviet Studies. Pokrovsky.    

Russian 112. Advanced Russian: Russian Media. Pokrovsky.    

Scandinavian 55. One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema. TBA.    

Scandinavian 150R. The Vikings and the Nordic Heroic Tradition. Mitchell. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 114. [Squaring the Circle: Russia, Art, Revolution]. Khitrova.    

Slavic 130. [Russian Poetry and Its Borders]. Sandler.    

Slavic 131. [Dostoevsky]. Weir. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 132. Russia's Golden Age: Literature, Arts, and Culture. Buckler. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 138. Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus'. Flier. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 141. [Performing Arts and Cultural Performances in Russia (Medieval to Contemporary)]. Buckler.    

Slavic 142. [Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde Theater]. Khitrova.    

Slavic 148. [Strange Russian Writers]. Sandler. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 154. Nabokov. Weir. (TL) 

Slavic 168. Post-Soviet and Post-Modernist Ukrainian Literature. Grabowicz.    

Slavic 171. The Holocaust in Polish Memory and Culture. Kremer.     

Slavic 175. [Introduction to Polish Culture]. Kremer. (TL) 

Slavic 177. Fugitives from Utopia: Polish Poets Across the Iron Curtain. Kremer.    

Slavic 180. [Russian Symbolist Poetry. Malmstad.    

Slavic 181. [Russian Poetry of the 19th Century]. Malmstad. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 182. [The Political Novel]. Bolton. (TL) 

Slavic 183. [Reading Anna Karenina]. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Slavic 189. [The Other Russia: Twenty-First Century Films, Fictions, States of Mind]. Sandler.    

Slavic 195. [East Central European Literature after World War II]. Bolton. (TL) 

Slavic 197. [The Power of the Powerless: Dissidents in Philosophy, Literature and Film]. Bolton. (TH) (TL) 

Social Studies 98OX. [Fascism and the Far Right in Europe]. TBA.    

Social Studies 98PL. Empire and Colonialism in the Modern World. Grant. (TH)  

Social Studies 98RC. The Politics of Culture in Europe. Brandel.    

Spanish 70A. Hispanic Literature: The Middle Ages. Giron Negron. (Pre-1900)

Spanish 72. Introduction to Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture. Vega-Duran.    

Spanish 81. Table Talk and Food Writing. Liander.    

Spanish 110. [Hispanic Literature: The Middle Ages. TBA. (Pre-1900)

Spanish 122. Spanish Film from Buñuel to Almodóvar. Vega-Duran.    

Spanish 80T. Words of Which History is Made: Translation Workshop on 20th-Century Spain. Aguirre-Oteiza.    

Swedish 20A. Intermediate Swedish: Childhood in Swedish Literature and Culture. Broome.    

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1213. [One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes . . .: The Intellectual History of Feminism in France, 1946-2016]. Jardine.    

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1200FH. ["Who Run the World?" Feminism in the Age of Empire]. TBA. (TH)  

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1426. The Sexual Life of Colonialism. Mitra. (TH)  

Yiddish 107. [The Politics of Yiddish]. Zaritt. (TL) 

Yiddish 118. Yiddish Cinema. Feldman. (TL)