European Studies

The following 2022-2023 courses count for concentration credit in the European Studies field.
In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

"F" indicates a course offered during the fall semester. "Sp" indicates a course offered during the spring semester. 

Please note that this list is subject to change through the start of the semester. Make sure you check back before registering for classes. Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Briana Smith

Key to Requirements:
Pre-1900: Pre-1900

Celtic Languages and Literatures 105. Folklore of Gaelic Ireland. Sumner. Pre-1900 F

Celtic Languages and Literatures 106. Folklore of Gaelic Scotland. Sumner. Pre-1900 Sp

Celtic Languages and Literatures 111. Shapeshifting and Identity in Celtic Traditions. McKenna. Pre-1900 F

Celtic Languages and Literatures 138. The Mabinogion: Stories from Medieval Wales. McKenna. Pre-1900Sp

Celtic Languages and Literatures 188. Songs of the Highlander. Sumner. Pre-1900 F


Comparative Literature 100X. Introduction to German Literature and Thought. Hamilton. HS Pre-1900 Sp

Comparative Literature 106. Yiddish Short Story. Zaritt. TL Sp

Comparative Literature 107. Politics of Yiddish. Zaritt. TL F

Comparative Literature 153. Nabokov. Weir. F

Comparative Literature 157. Type to Self in the Middle Ages. Negron. Pre-1900 F

Comparative Literature 193. Love Poetry of the Middle Ages. Negron. Pre-1900 Sp

Comparative Literature 223X. Post-War Confessions: Camus & Grass. Hamilton. Sp


Czech 112. Readings in Czech Literature and Culture. Bolton/Tuckerova. Sp


English 90KA. The Brontës. Scarry. Pre-1900 F

English 90LV. Consciousness from Austen to Woolf. Wood. TL Pre-1900 Sp

English 90QM. Metaphysical Poetry: The 17th Century Lyric and Beyond. Teskey. Pre-1900 F

English 90RV. Empire and Revolution, Sex, and Gender, Race, Slavery, and Abolition. Engell. TL Pre-1900

English 90TU. The Tudors: Literature, Film, Myth. Niles. Pre-1900 Sp

English 90YP. W.B. Yeats: Seminar. Sacks. Sp

English 102M. Introduction to Old English: Charms, Herbals, Folk Medicine, Miracle Cures. Donoghue. Pre-1900 F

English 103G. Advanced Old English: Scribes and Manuscripts. Donoghue . Pre-1900 Sp

English 110FF. Medieval Fanfiction. Wilson. Pre-1900 Sp

English 115B. Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales. Watson. Pre-1900 F

English 119TY. English Literature: The First 1000 Years. Niles. Pre-1900 Sp

English 124P. Shakespearean Playwriting. Greenblatt. Pre-1900 Sp

English 125PC. Shakespeare and Popular Culture. Niles. Pre-1900 F

English 131P. Milton's Paradise Lost. Teskey. Pre-1900 Sp

English 157. Classic Phase of the Novel. Fisher. Pre-1900 F

English 188RF. Rogue Fictions: Satire, Fantasy and the Literature of Lost Illusions. Ocheltree. Pre-1900. Sp

English 192. Political Theatre and Structure of Drama. Scarry. Sp


French 62. Exploring French Language and Culture Through Industry: Fashion, Cabarets, and les Grands Magasins. Turman. Sp

French 70B. Feeling Modern: Intro to 19th-21st Century French Literature. Rodriguez. Sp

French 82. French Theater and the Social Body. Rodriguez. Sp

French 84. Genres of Self: French Autobiographical Writing. Rodriguez. F

French 87. Poetics and Politics: Can Literature Topple Statues and Redraw Maps? Rungoo. TL. SP

French 106. Crimes of Passion: Balzac's Short Stories. Beizer. Pre-1900 Sp

French 128. Growing Pains: Le roman d'apprentissage. Kim. F

French 131. Early Modern Ecologies: Montaigne and Cie. Conley. Pre-1900 F

French 136. A La Francaise: French Feminisms Today. Jardine. F

French 180. "The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi. Jardine. Sp


Gen Ed 1012. Art and Politics of Propaganda: The Nazis and their Legacy. Rentschler. F

Gen Ed 1059. Moral Inquiry in the Novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Weir. Pre-1900 Sp

Gen Ed 1110. Classical Mythology: Myth in Antiquity and Today. Love. Pre-1900 Sp

Gen Ed 1140. Borders. Lewis. TH F

Gen Ed 1182. Novel Thought: Being (In)Human. Kim. Sp

Gen Ed 1183. The English Language Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow. Donoghue . Pre-1900 F


German 100. Introduction to German Literature and Thought. Hamilton. Pre-1900 Sp

German 101. German Literature, Politics, and Society. Struck. Pre-1900 F

German 102. Literature, Art, Culture: A Journey Through Germany’s Cultural Heritage. Dymek. Pre-1900. Sp

German 156. Geist & Maschine: Tech and Reality in German-Speaking Cinema. Dymek. F

German 157. Memory and Monuments in Vienna. Koerner. Sp.

German 161. Writing (Beyond) Gender: Women Authors in Austrian and German Literature. Schwakopf. Sp

German 169. Cold War Germany: Art and Politics on Both Sides of the Wall. Schwakopf. Sp

German 171. Just Law? Truth, Trial & Error in German Literature. Schwakopf. F

German 189. Text-Sound-Image: Intermediality in Modern and Contemporary German Poetry. Schwakopf. F

German 192. Artificial Intelligences: Body, Art, and Media. Stewart. Sp

German 199. Freedom: A Transatlantic Affair. Carranza. TH TL Pre-1900 Sp


Government 94DT. Authoritarian Turn in Central and Eastern Europe. Ekiert. Sp

Government 1060. Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy. Tuck. Pre-1900 F

Government 1061. The History of Modern Political Philosophy. Tuck. Pre-1900 Sp

Government 1203. Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. Ekiert. Sp

Government 1243. Politics and Power in Post-Soviet Russia. Colton. Sp


History 12G. Atlantic Slave Wars. Brown. TH Pre-1900 F

History 15D. Benjamin's Paris. Gordon. TH F

History 15F. Political Violence in the Twentieth Century. Spreen. TH Sp

History 15N. Modern Jewish Politics. Ury. TH Sp

History 82F. Origins of the Cold War: Yalta Conference. Plokhii. TH F

History 1024. The British Empire. Jasanoff. HS Pre-1900 F

History 1029. Early Modern Britain, 1485-1714. Cratty. HS Pre-1900 Sp

History 1035. Byzantine Civilization. Angelov. HS Pre-1900 Sp

History 1075. Jews of Eastern Europe, 1700-1939. Ury. HS Pre-1900 F

History 1115. Postwar or Postcolonial Germany. Spreen. Sp

History 1270. Frontiers of Europe: Ukraine since 1500. Plokhii. HS Pre-1900 F

History 1281. End of Communism. Martin. TH F

History 1333. Hegel and Marx. Gordon. Pre-1900 Sp

History 1878A. Ottoman Empire and the World. Kafadar. HS Pre-1900 Sp

History 1980. Soviet Empire, 1917-1991. Martin. HS TH Sp


History & Literature 90AN. God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to Renaissance. Gilsdorf. Pre-1900 Sp

History & Literature 90EJ. Espionage: A Cultural History. White. TL F

History & Literature 90FJ. Modern Europe and Migration. Sohm. TH TL F

History & Literature 90FK. Europe After the Cold War. Smith. TH TL F

History & Literature 90FP. Atlantic Narratives and the Modern World. Glassie. TH TL Pre-1900 F

History & Literature 90FT. A Luta Continua: Legacies of Portuguese Empire. HS TH TL Pre-1900 F

History & Literature 90FU. British Soft Power from Shakespeare to Dua Lipa. TH TL F



History of Art & Architecture 14K. Roman World in Transition. Kalavrezou. Pre-1900 Sp

History of Art & Architecture 42P. Architecture through the Ages: Notre-Dame-de-Paris. Hamburger. Pre-1900 Sp

History of Art & Architecture 61G. Francisco de Goya. Pereda. Pre-1900 F

History of Art & Architecture 77M. Modern Art and its Colonial Matrix. Gough. TH F

History of Art & Architecture 122X. Architecture in the Early Modern Mediterranean World. Necipoglu-Kafadar. TH Pre-1900 F

History of Art & Architecture 131K. Ghost City: Ani and its Monuments. Maranci. Th Pre-1900 Sp.

History of Art & Architecture 134P. Art and Culture of Armenia. Maranci. TH Pre-1900 F

History of Art & Architecture 136. Beautiful and Sacred: Armenian Book Arts. Maranci. TH Pre-1900 Sp.

History of Art & Architecture 144M. Hagia Sophia. Kalavrezou. Pre-1900 F

History of Art & Architecture 146P. Pictorial Paratexts in the Middle Ages. Hamburger. Pre-1900 Sp

History of Science 100. Knowing the World: An Introduction to the History of Science. Csiszar. Pre-1900 F

History of Science 1221. Cold War Science. Wilson. Sp. 

History of Science 1228. Century of Physics. Wilson. TH Sp


Humanities 10A. A Humanities Colloquium: From Homer to Garcia Marquez. Greenblatt et al.. F

Humanities 10B. A Humanities Colloquium: From Joyce to Homer. Greenblatt et al. Sp


Italian 111. Italian Cinema: 10 Masterpieces. Erspamer. F

Italian 116. Renaissance Revolutions. Erspamer. Pre-1900 Sp

Italian 138. The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy. Pistoja. Pre-1900 SP


Medieval Latin 10. Introduction to Medieval Latin Literature. Ziolkowski. Pre-1900 Sp

Medieval Studies 107. Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture. Smith. Pre-1900 F

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Donahue. HS Pre-1900 F

Medieval Studies 119. Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe. Donahue. HS Pre-1900 Sp

Medieval Studies 250. Crusades in Material Culture. Georganteli. Pre-1900 Sp


Philosophy 34. Existentialism in Literature and Film. Kelly. F

Philosophy 133. Art of Living: 19thc. Philosophy. Matherne. Pre-1900 Sp


Portuguese 182. The Worlds of Camoes. Blackmore. Pre-1900 Sp


Religion 1434BIOA. The History of Christianity through Biography and Autobiography, ca. 150-1500. Madigan. Pre-1900 F

Religion 1434BIOB. The History of Christianity through Biography and Autobiography, ca. 150-1500 Pt II.Madigan. Pre-1900 Sp


Russian 111. Advanced Russian: Readings in Russian/Post-Soviet Studies. Zalaltdinova. F

Russian 112. Advanced Russian: Russian Media. Zalaltdinova. Sp

Russian 113. Advanced Russian: Readings in Russian Literature. Mironava. F


Scandinavian 55. One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema. Broome. Sp

Scandinavian 102. Scandinavian Folklore: Trolls, Trolldom and the Uses of Tradition. Mitchell. Pre-1900 Sp

Scandinavian 150. Vikings and the Nordic Heroic Tradition. Mitchell. Pre-1900 F


Slavic 114. Squaring the Circle: Russia, Art, Revolution. Khitrova. Sp

Slavic 117. Readings in Russian Literature. Buckler. Sp.

Slavic 118. War and Peace. Buckler. Pre-1900 F

Slavic 132. Russia's Golden Age: Literature, Arts, and Culture. Buckler. Pre-1900 Sp

Slavic 134. Prague: A Cultural History. Bolton. Pre-1900 S TH TL F

Slavic 148. Strange Russian Writers. Sandler. Pre-1900 F

Slavic 154. Nabokov. Weir. F

Slavic 163. Understanding Ukraine: Personal Voices and Collective Imagination. TBA. Sp.

Slavic 171. The Holocaust in Polish Memory and Culture. Kremer. F

Slavic 185. 18th c. Russian Literature. Khitrova. Pre-1900 Sp

Slavic 189. The Other Russia: 21st C. Films, Fiction, and States of Mind. Sandler. Sp.

Slavic 193. Introduction to Russian and Soviet Film. Khitrova. F


Spanish 72. Intro to Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture. Vega-Duran. F

Spanish 80T. Words of Which History is Made: Translation Workshop on Modern Spain. Aguirre-Oteiza. F

Spanish 80TS. Translating Boundaries in Spain. Aguirre-Oteiza. Sp

Spanish 81. Table Talk and Food Writing. Liander. Sp

Spanish 109. Displacing Spain: Translation Transatlantic Poetry. Aguierre-Oteiza. TL Sp

Spanish 122. Spanish Film from Bunuel to Almodovar. Vega-Duran. F

Spanish 171. Barcelona and the Catalan Culture. Obis Monne. Pre-1900 Sp


Swedish 20A. Intermediate Swedish: Childhood in Swedish Literature and Culture. Broome. F