European Studies

The following 2016-2017 courses count for concentration credit in the European Studies field.

In most cases, this means that at least 50% of the material in the course relates directly to the student’s field. If you find a course that you think is well-suited to your own particular course of study, but that does not appear on the list, please petition the Committee on Instruction for credit, keeping in mind the 50% guideline.

Look to the key below to determine which courses can count towards specific field requirements. Click on the requirement term to see a short list of courses that fulfill that field requirement. If you have any questions, please direct them to Assistant Director of Studies Daniel Loss.

Key to Requirements:

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 11. [Poetry Withouth Borders]. Sandler   TL

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 16. Openings: The Illuminated Manuscript. Hamburger 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 20. Poems, Poets, Poetry. Vendler 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 21. [Virgil's Poetry and its Reception]. Thomas 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 24. First Nights: Five Performance Premieres. Kelley 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 37. Introduction to the Bible in the Humanities and the Arts. Teskey 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 41. [How and What Russia Learned to Read: The Rise of Russian Literary Culture]. Todd 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 42. [Revolution, Reform and Conservatism in Western Culture] 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 43. [Visual Culture of the Ottoman Empire Between East and West (15th-17th Centuries)]. Necipoglu-Kafadar  TH

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 49. [The Medieval Imagination: Visions, Dreams, and Prophecies]. Watson 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 51. The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy. Pertile 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 52. [Repression and Expression: Sexuality, Gender, and Language in Fin-de-siècle Literature and Art]. Burgard 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 55. Shakespeare, The Early Plays. Garber 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 56. Shakespeare, The Later Plays. Garber 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 58. Modern Art and Modernity. Lajer-Burcharth 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 59. Nazi Cinema: The Art of Propaganda. Rentschler 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 60. [Literature and Art in an Era of Crisis and Oppression: Modernism in Eastern Europe].

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 61. [The Romance: From Jane Austen to Chick Lit]. Schlossberg 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 64. [Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 101. [The Hero of Irish Myth and Saga]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 103. [The Celts]. HS 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 105. [The Folklore of Gaelic Ireland]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 106. The Folklore of Gaelic Scotland. Sumner 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 109. [Finn: The Great Gaelic Hero]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 118. [The Gaelic World: 1100-1700].  HS 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 119. [The Gaelic World: 17th Century to the Present]. HS 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 120. Food and Fantasy in Irish Tradition. Nagy 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 137. Celtic Mythology. Nagy 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 138. [The Mabinogion: Stories from Medieval Wales].   

Celtic Languages and Literatures 184. [The Táin]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 187. Literature of the Dispossessed: Gaelic Ireland, c.1600-1900. Sumner TL

Celtic Languages and Literatures 188. [Scottish Gaelic Poetry]. 

Celtic Languages and Literatures 194. [The World of the Celtic Bard]. 

Classical Studies 132. Classics, Christianity, and Islam. Yolles TH

Comparative Literature 111. [Art and Life: from Wagnerian Opera to Reality TV]. 

Comparative Literature 113. [Existential Fictions: From Saint Augustine to Jean-Paul Sartre and Beyond].   TL

Comparative Literature 114. Mysticism and Literature. Giron Negron 

Comparative Literature 119. Poetry in Flux - Dance Afoot. Guedon TL

Comparative Literature 120. [Games - Tricks, Puns and Ploys in Literature and Culture]. Guedon.  

Comparative Literature 121. [From the 1001 Nights to the Arabian Nights: Adaptation, Transformation, Translation].  TL

Comparative LIterature 124. Catastrophe - Narratives of Extinction. Guedon

Comparative Literature 127. Comparative Modernisms. Ryan TL

Comparative Literature 129. [Reading the 18th Century Through 21st-Century Eyes].  

Comparative Literature 135. [History of Drama]. 

Comparative Literature 138. [Subversive Renaissance: Books that Changed the World]. 

Comparative Literature 139. Fictions of Kin and Kind. Shell 

Comparative Literature 147. [Why the Jews?: The Modern Jewish Experience in Literature]. 

Comparative Literature 157. [From Type to Self in the Middle Ages]. Giron Negron 

Comparative Literature 168. [The Quest for Epic: From Ariosto to Spenser and Milton].  

Comparative Literature 174. [Realism, Fantasy, and the Grotesque: Hoffmann and Balzac]. 

Comprative Literature 178. Writing Jewish Modernity. Zaritt TL

Comparative Literature 181. [Kafka, Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality].   

Comparative Literature 184. [Imagining the City: Literature, Film, and the Arts]. 

Comparative Literature 193. [What's Love Got to Do With It; Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity].

Comparative Literature 207. Homer and Beyond: Theory and Comparative Methods in Studying Oral Traditions. Nagy TL 

Culture and Belief 14. [Human Being and the Sacred in the History of the West]. Kelly 

Culture and Belief 20. Reason and Faith in the West. Blair 

Culture and Belief 27. [Among the Nations: Jewish History in Pagan, Christian and Muslim Context]. Harris 

Culture and Belief 38. Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus'. Flier 

Culture and Belief 42. Communism and the Politics of Culture: Czechoslovakia from World War II to the Velvet Revolution. Bolton TH TL

Culture and Belief 47. [The Darwinian Revolution]. 

Culture and Belief 50. [The European Postwar: Literature, Film, Politics]. 

Culture and Belief 51. Making the Middle Ages. Gilsdorf HS 

Culture and Belief 55. The Enlightenment. Engell 

Culture and Belief 56. [The Culture of Capitalism]. Puchner 

English 41. Arrivals: British Literature 700-1700. Simpson  TL

English 53. Poets: Four poets, English and Irish: Shakespeare, Marvell, Keats, Heaney. Vendler TL

English 64. Migrations: American Renaissance and Irish Revival. Claybaugh.   TL

English 90CNC. Conrad, Naipaul, Coetzee: Genealogies of the Global Imagination. Bhabha TL

English 90HB. Five Shakespeare Plays. Shell  

English 90HT. How to Read a Book. Price 

English 90LV. Consciousness from Austen to Woolf. Wood TL

English 90LW. Literature and War. Stauffer

English 90NB. Nabokov Novels in English. Carpio 

English 90QO. T.S. Eliot. Sacks TL

English 90YP. W.B. Yeats. Sacks 

English 111. Epic: From Homer to Star Wars. Whittington TL

English 131P. Milton's Paradise Lost. Teskey 

English 141. The Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Lynch 

English 151. Nineteenth-Century British Fiction. Price 

English 157. The Classic Phase of the Novel. Fisher 

English 158A. A History of Western Drama. Miller 

English 160JE. The Joyce Effect. Blum 

English 167BL. Post-1945 British Literature. Rich 

English 168D. Postwar American and British Fiction. Wood TL

English 183. Theatrical Realisms. Miller

English 188GF. Global Fictions. Rich TL

English 192. Political Theatre and the Structure of Drama. Scarry 

Ethical Reasoning 12. Political Justice and Political Trials. Maier 

Ethical Reasoning 28. [Moral Inquiry in the Novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky]. Weir 

Ethical Reasoning 37. [Adam & Eve]. Koerner 

Folklore & Mythology 106. History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic. Mitchell 

Folklore & Mythology 128. Fair Tale, Myth, and Fantasy Literature. Tatar 

French 61C. The New Wave: Reinventing French Cinema. Knudson 

French 61H. [Being French: Historical and Societal Considerations].

French 61M. Modern Stories about Paris. Knudson 

French 70A. Introduction to French Literature I: From the Middle Ages to Eighteenth Century. 

French 70C. Introduction to French Literature III: The Francophone World. Lionnet TL

French 90LB. [L'autre Balzac/The Other Balzac]. 

French 90W. ["Bad" Women in French Literature]. 

French 81. Imagining Elsewhere. Kim 

French 105. [Marie de France and Chrétien de Troyes or the Beginning of Modern Fiction].  

French 112. [Lyric Poetry in Medieval and Renaissance France (12th to 16th century)]. 

French 127. [Talking About Food]. 

French 128. Growing Pains: Le roman d'apprentissage, l'apprentissage du roman. Kim 

French 130. [Re-Imagining the Early Modern Subject]. 

French 136. A La Francaise: French Feminisms Today. Jardine 

French 139B. The 18th Century: Ethical Dilemmas. 

French 142. Encounters and the Face-to-Face in Early Modern France. Guyot 

French 144. Humanimals in Medieval French Literature. Greene 

French 148C. Performing in French: A Production of a Modern Tragedy. Guyot

French 153. The Novel after the New Novel. Kim 

French 157. [The Hermaphroditic Imagination]. 

French 166. Diasporas, Migrations, Creolizations. Lionnet TL

French 167. [Parisian Cityscapes: 1960-Present].  

French 174. [Mediterranean Crossings: Exiles, Migrants and Refugees]. TL

French 177. [Poetic Revolutions].  

French 178. Humanitarian Fictions. Richmand 

French 179. Francophone Literature and the Sea. Lionnet TL

French 180. ["The Words to Say It": Women Writing in French from Colette to Satrapi]. 

German 63. Germany and Europe: Heimat, Exil, Return. 

German 64. Environment Matters: Green Thought in the German-Speaking World.  

German 67. German in Revue: Kabarett through the 20th Century. 

German 69. Crossing Borders in 20th and 21st Century German Culture.TL

German 71. [German Literature from Goethe to Nietzsche]. 

German 72. [German Literature from Kafka to Jelinek]. 

German 101. German Literature, Culture, and Society. 

German 102. German Literature, Art, and Thought. Suetterlin 

German 105. [Women's Voices in German Medieval Literature].  

German 115. Deutsche Komödie. Parkes 

German 120. [Age of Goethe]. 

German 131. [Deutsche Romantik: Zwischen Fragmentierung und Heilung]. 

German 134. Understanding Beethoven. 

German 140. German Social Thought from Nietzsche to Habermas. 

German 141. Social Dynamics in Twentieth-Century Modernism. Ryan 

German 143. German Empires, 1848-1948. HS TH

German 149. [Thomas Mann: Stories of Six Decades]. Burgard 

German 156. [From Postwar to Postwall German Cinema].  

German 170. Biopolitics and Vampire, 1716-2016. Suetterlin 

German 172. [Hermeneutics and the Philology of the Flesh]. 

German 176. Staging War: Representations of Violence and Conflict in Drama and Theater].  

German 177. [Crime and Detection in German Narratives]. 

German 179. [Germany and the Greeks: Winckelmann to Heidegger].  

German 185. [German Lyric Poetry: Tradition and Innovation]. 

German 191. Engineering Texts: Avantgardes in Twentieth-Century Germany.

Government 94CB. The Politics of Citizenship and Naturalization. Brown TH

Government 94ES. New European democracies: the 2016 Spanish democratic revolution in a comparative perspective. Martinez Sierra 

Government 94GO. Politics of Religion in Liberal Democracies: America and the European Union. Soroka 

Government 94LE. [Liberalism and Empire].  TH

Government 1052. History and Freedom in German Idealism. Rosen 

Government 1152. The Future of Europe.

Government 1171. [The Making of Modern Politics: The Development of Democracy in Europe from the Middle Ages to the EU]. HS 

Government 1203. Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. Ekiert 

Government 1243. [Russian Politics in Transition].  

Government 1244. Introduction to Russian Politics and Statecraft. 

Government 1286. Central Asia and the Caucasus: Empire and Sovereignty. Weber. TH

History 13H. Jewish Identity in the Modern World. Penslar TH

History 13J. [The British: A Cultural History]. Jasanoff HS 

History 13K. Understanding Beethoven. Gordon 

History 13M. Fascists, Communists, and Democrats: Contesting Power in Interwar Europe. McSpadden  TH

History 70J. [Byzantium between the Crusades and the Islamic World, c.1100-c.1450]. Angelov TH

History 72K. The Worlds of Joseph Conrad. Jasanoff TH

History 80G. [Travelers to Byzantium]. Angelov TH

History 82B. Fin-de-Siècle Vienna. Johnson 

History 82F. The Origins of the Cold War: The Yalta Conference. Plokhii TH

History 84E. How to Read a Book. Lepore 

History 88B. [Medieval History and Cinema]. Kafadar 

History 89A. [British Colonial Violence in the 20th Century]. Elkins TH

History 1020. [A Global History of Modern Time]. Maier HS TH

History 1022. The World of States and Empires: International History since 1500. Maier HS TH

History 1035. Byzantine Civilization. Angelov HS 

History 1055. Vengeance and the Law in Medieval Europe. Smail 

History 1060. [Europe and Its Borders, 950-1550]. Smail HS TH

History 1119. The Silk Road: Recentering World History from Alexander the Great to Osama bin Laden. Afinogenov HS TH

History 1144. The Renaissance in Florence. Hankins 

History 1155. Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789. Tworek HS 

History 1206. [Empire, Nation, and Immigration in France since 1870]. Lewis HS TH

History 1265. German Empires, 1848-1948. Johnson HS TH

History 1266. [Central Europe, 1789-1918: Empires, Nations, States]. Johnson HS TH

History 1270. Frontiers of Europe: Ukraine since 1500. Plokhii HS TH

History 1280. History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991. Martin HS 

History 1281. The End of Communism. MartinTH

History 1290. The History of the Russian Empire. O'Neill HS TH

History 1301. [Western Intellectual History II: The Prehistory of Modern Thought]. Hankins HS 

History 1318. [History of the Book and of Reading]. Blair 

History 1323. German Social Thought, Nietzsche to Habermas. Gordon 

History 1324. French Social Thought, Durkheim to Foucault. Gordon 

History 1462. History of Sexuality in the Modern West. Cott 

History 1878B. [Ottoman State and Society II (1550-1920)]. Kafadar HS TH

History 1905. The Mediated Book: Texts, Writers, and Readers in Early Modern Britain and Early America. Hall TH

History 1909. East  European Identities: Russia and Ukraine. Plokhii  TH

History 1925. [Europe and its Other(s)]. Herzog TH

History 1929. Slavery, Commerce, and Emancipation in the Age of the French and Haitian Revolutions. Lewis TH

History 1960. The European Union: Achievements and Crises. Maier TH

History & Literature 90BA. England After Empire. White TH TL

History & Literature 90BO. Sports and Empire. Loss TH TL

History & Literature 90BQ. Early Modern Encounters. Tworek TH TL

History & Literature 90BX. World War I in Fiction, Film, Poetry, and Memoir. Kaminsky TH TL

History & Literature 90CC. Boundaries, Borders, Bodies. Gharavi TH TL

History & Literature 90CNC. Poverty, Wealth, and Religion in the Middle Ages. FitzGerald TH TL

History of Art & Architecture 65. Baroque Art. Connors 

History of Art & Architecture 122X. [Architecture in Early Modern Mediterranean]. 

History of Art & Architecture 143R. [The Art of the Court of Constantinople]. 

History of Art & Architecture 144M. [Hagia Sophia: Space and Ceremony]. 

History of Art & Architecture 147M. [The Book of Hours: Pictures and Prayer in the Middle Ages]. 

History of Art & Architecture 151V. [Venice]. 

History of Art & Architecture 157K. [The Age of Albrecht Durer: Prints and Drawings at Harvard]. 

History of Art & Architecture 161G. Francisco de Goya: Art as Testimony, the Artist as Witness. Pereda 

History of Art & Architecture 161V. [Rome: Eternal City]. 

History of Art & Architecture 162P. The Great Debate on Images: Zurich to Guadalupe. Pereda TH

History of Art & Architecture 168V. [The Vatican]. 

History of Art & Architecture 170M. Manet to Man Ray. Gough 

History of Art & Architecture 172X. [Vienna Interior]. 

History of Art & Architecture 174S. [Body Image in French Visual Culture: 18th and 19th Century]. 

History of Art & Architecture 194W. [Worlds Fairs]. 

History of Art & Architecture 195E. Africa and Europe: Histories of Exchange. Blier 

History of Science 118. Instruments and the Material Culture of Science in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800. Gauvin 

History of Science 166. [What is Enlightenment?: Science, Religion, and the Making of Modernity]. 

Humanities 10A. A Humanities Colloquium: From Homer to Garcia Marquez. Menand 

Humanities 10B. A Humanities Colloquium: From Joyce to Homer. Greenblatt 

Humanities 11A. Frameworks: The Art of Looking. Roberts 

Humanities 11B. Frameworks: The Art of Listening. Rehding 

Humanities 11C. [Frameworks: The Art of Reading]. Puett 

Humanities 12. Essential Works in World Literature. Damrosch 

Humanities 52. [Human History]. 

Italian 70. A Panorama of Italian Literature (1300-present). Axelrod 

Italian 80. Visions of Poetry. Muri-Rosenthal 

Italian 85. From the Book to the Kitchen Table. DiFabio 

Italian 103. [Italian Travels].  TL

Italian 104. [Effetto Commedia: What Makes Italians Laugh?].

Italian 110. [Italian Mysteries]. 

Italian 114. Italian Cinema Bucket List. Muri-Rosenthal

Italian 115. [Italian Cinema and the Poetics of Refuse]. 

Italian 119. [Gender and Italian Cinema].

Italian 129. [Italy 2.0: Culture as a Source of Social and Economic Value]. 

Italian 132. [Deconstructing Rome].  

Italian 133. Italy: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Italian 137. Boccaccio's 'Io' from Novella to Encyclopedia. Axelrod 

Italian 141. [Renaissance Epic: War, Identity, Desire]. 

Italian 142. [The Italian Renaissance: Beauty, Power, Innovation].  

Italian 151. Women of Modern Italy. Lolla 

Italian 172. Made in Italy: Italian Fashion Through the Ages. Lolla 

Italian 180. [Making Italians: Poetry and Novel in the 19th Century].  

Italian 184. [Storytelling and The City: The Narrative Foundations of the Creative Economy]. 

Jewish History 111. Modern Jewish Thought Seminar: Messianic Eschatology and Apocalyptic Time from Cohen to Levinas. Wolfson 

Medieval Studies 107. [Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture]. 

Medieval Studies 110. [Mapping the Slavlands: Central Europe in the Middle Ages]. HS TH

Medieval Studies 117. English Legal History, 600-1600. Kamali 

Medieval Studies 119. [Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe]. 

Philosophy 117. [Medieval Philosophy].

Philosophy 120. The Rationalists. McDonough 

Philosophy 124. Early Modern Metaphysics and Its Critics. Schechtman

Philosophy 125. [Beyond Dualism: Descartes and his Critics].  

Philosophy 132. Marx and Marxism. Shelby 

Philosophy 187. [Aesthetics]. 

Philosophy 188. Philosophy and Literature: Proust. Moran 

Portuguese 123A. [Portuguese Literary Studies I].

Portuguese 123B. [Portuguese Literary Studies II]. 

Portuguese 145. [Transatlantic Africa and Brazil].  TL

Portuguese 182. [The Worlds of Camões]. 

Religion 1430. [History of Western Christianity, 400-1300].  HS 

Religion 1434. History of Western Christianity, 150-1100. Madigan HS 

Religion 1437. History of Western Christianity: 1100-1500. Madigan HS 

Religion 1450. [History of Christian Thought: The Medieval West].  

Religion 1529. The Holocaust and the Churches, 1933-45. Madigan 

Romance Studies 109. The Global Game: Soccer, Politics, and Popular Culture. Erspamer 

Romance Studies 111. [The World of Romance Language Cinemas: A Classical Age]. Conley TL

Romance Studies 113. Visceral Iberia: Gender, Affect and Embodiment in Modern and Contemporary Culture. Ceia

Romance Studies 148. Love, Knowledge and Debate in the Middle Ages: The Roman de la rose and Libro de buen amor. Greene 

Russian 113. Advanced Russian: Readings in Russian Literature. Pokrovsky 

Russian 114. Advanced Russian: Russian Cultural Self-Images and National "Mentality". Pokrovsky 

Scandinavian 50. [Becoming Scandinavia: Introduction to Scandinavian History and Identity].  HS 

Scandinavian 55. One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema. Broome 

Scandinavian 150R. [The Vikings and the Nordic Heroic Tradition]. 

Scandinavian 160A. [Old Norse Language, Literature, and Culture: The Viking Legacy]. 

Scandinavian 175. [Beyond 'Sex, Suicide and Socialism': Scandinavia past the Stereotypes].  

Slavic 129. Russia and the Representation of Race. Kunichika TL

Slavic 141. [Russian Drama and Performance]. Buckler 

Slavic 142. [Russian and Soviet Avant-Gard Theater].

Slavic 145. Russian Literature in Translation: The 19th-Century Tradition. Kotsyuba 

Slavic 147. [Soviet Film After Stalin]. 

Slavic 148. Strange Russian Writers. Sandler 

Slavic 150. [Moscow and St. Petersburg]. Buckler 

Slavic 151. Gogol. Todd 

Slavic 152. [Pushkin]. Todd 

Slavic 155. [Dostoevsky]. Todd 

Slavic 156. [Nabokov:  A Cross-Cultural Perspective after the Cold War].  TL

Slavic 157. [Some Versions of Russian Pastoral].  

Slavic 159. [War and Peace]. Weir 

Slavic 166. [Russian-Ukrainian Literary Relations in the 19th Century].    TL

Slavic 167. [Revolutionary Ukraine: Between the Russian Revolution and the Euromaidan of 2014].  TL

Slavic 168. Post-Soviet and Post-Modernist Ukrainian Literature. Grabowicz 

Slavic 169. [20th-Century Ukraine: Literature, Arts, and Society].   

Slavic 170. War and Literature: Responses to WWII in Polish Culture. Kremer TL

Slavic 173. [Polish Romanticism].  

Slavic 174A. Miłosz and America. Kremer TL

Slavic 180. [Russian Symbolist Poetry]. 

Slavic 181. [Russian Poetry of the 19th Century]. 

Slavic 182. Problems in 20th-Century Poetry. Malmstad TL

Slavic 183. [Reading Anna Karenina]. 

Slavic 184. [The Catastrophic Imagination: Russian Literature in the Age of Revolution].   

Slavic 185. 18th-Century Russian Literature. Khitrova 

Slavic 186. [Poetry after Brodsky: How Russian Is It?]. Sandler TL

Slavic 187. [Global Voices: Russian Literature Today].   TL

Slavic 188. [Eugene Onegin]. 

Slavic 191. Russian Orthodoxy. Freeze 

Slavic 192. [Literature as Institutions]. Todd 

Slavic 193. Russian and Soviet Silent Film. Khitrova 

Slavic 194. [The Austro-Hungarian Grotesque].  TL

Slavic 195. East Central European Novel after World War II. Bolton TL

Slavic 197. Dissidents from Plato to Pussy Riot. Bolton TH TL

Slavic 198. [Czech Literary Culture after World War II].  TL

Slavic 199HFA. Russian Culture in Performance. Buckler.  

Slavic 199HFB. Russian Culture in Performance. Buckler.  

Social Studies 98OX. Fascism and the Far Right in Europe. Ziblatt 

Social Studies 98PL. Empire and Colonialism in the Modern World. Grant TH

Societies of the World 14. [The British Empire]. Jasanoff HS TH

Societies of the World 18. Europe on Trial: Retribution, Renewal and Reconicliation Since 1945. Lewis 

Societies of the World 28. [Exploration and Empire Building]. O'Neill TH

Societies of the World 35. Conditional Equality: The Case of the Jews of Europe in Modern Times. Harris  TH

Societies of the World 41. [Medieval Europe]. McCormick HS 

Societies of the World 52. Russia in Global Perspective. Buckler HS TH

Societies of the World 53. The Fall of the Roman Empire. McCormick HS

Sociology 196. Multiculturalism and Integration in Europe and Beyond. May

Spanish 70A. [Heroes, Rogues, Lovers, Rebels, Saints: Voices from Medieval and Early Modern Spain]. 

Spanish 70C. [Tales of Two Spains: A Survey of Spanish Modern Literature and Culture (18th to 21st centuries)]. 

Spanish 70D. Beyond the Frame: An Introduction to Spanish Cinema. Ceia 

Spanish 80GR. [How To Do Things With Grammar: The Poet in Love and War]. 

Spanish 83. Sampling Media: Narratives of Identity in Contemporary Spain. Ceia 

Spanish 109. [Displacing Spain: Workshop on 20th and 21st-Century Transatlantic Poetry].   TL

Spanish 112. [You Will Win, But You Won't Convince: Discussing the Spanish Civil War]. 

Spanish 113. Visceral Spain: Gender, Affect and Embodiment in Contemporary Spanish Culture. Ceia 

Spanish 117. Kingmakers, Dangerous Grandmothers and Inconsolable Prostitutes: Women in Conquest Narratives. Vega Olmedo TL

Spanish 120. [Medieval Spain in the Poem of the Cid].  

Spanish 122. [Figures and Fictions of Venture Capital and the Law in the Spanish Conquest]. TH TL

Spanish 124. Don Quixote and the Art of Reading. Gaylord TL

Spanish 125. [The New Art of Telling Stories in Spanish: Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares and Other Short Fiction]. 

Spanish 171. Barcelona and the Catalan Culture. Dasca Batalla TL

Spanish 179. [Regarding the Pain of Spain].

Swedish BBR. Special Topics in Swedish Literature and Culture: Migration and Identity. TL

Theater, Dance, and Media 168X. [Contemporary Theatre in Europe].   

Visual and Environmental Studies 192. Cinema and French Culture from 1896 to the Present. Conley.  

Visual and Environmental Studies 193. [Fortunes of a Genre: The Western]. Conley TL

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1213. One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes…: Intellectual History of Feminism in France, 1946-2016. Jardine 

Yiddish 115. The Yiddish Short Story: Folk Tales, Monologues, and Post-Apocalyptic Parables. Zaritt TL