Tutorials are the backbone of History & Literature. Taught by members of the Tutorial Board, they bring students together in small groups, with more one-on-one attention as students move through the program.

After declaring the concentration in the fall, sophomores in History & Literature take a Sophomore Tutorial in the spring. Jointly taught by two faculty (usually one historian and one literary scholar) and organized by topic, Sophomore Tutorials immerse a small group (usually five to ten) concentrators in the creative, rigorous, and rewarding work of interdisciplinary scholarship. 

Junior Tutorial is a year-long course that provides History & Literature concentrators with a unique opportunity to develop, explore, focus, or expand their intellectual interests. Juniors are clustered into small groups (usually three students) and matched with a tutor based on common interests.

The Senior Tutorial is a year-long, one-on-one course devoted primarily to researching and writing the Senior Thesis, but also to preparing for the Senior Oral Exam.