Class of 2016

Karol Alzate Londono,Tiene Miedo Que Se Homosexualice la Vida?: Homosexuality as Dissent in Cuba and Chile

Julianna Aucoin,“The Liberal Captain America: The Birth, Life, and Death of an American Heroic Leader"

Claire Blumenthal,“Words of War: The Story of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Great Depression Military Rhetoric”

Lucyanna Burke, “‘Sin Entregar la Lengua’: Censorship and the Construction of Narrative in the Caso Padilla”

Merilin Castillo,“This Too Has Yet to Pass: Slavery and the Development of TwentiethCentury Black Radical Thought”

Alexander Danilovich, “Grann, Fawcett, and the Value of El Dorado”

Tamara Fernando, “Tolle Lege, Tolle Pinge: Printing Augustine in Seventeenth-Century Europe”

John Finnegan, “Recasting the Revolution: Spectacle and Propaganda in Peru’s MRTA”

Mikhaila Fogel, “Conceptions of Control: A Comparison of the American and British Birth Control Movements, 1910-1928”

Allejah Franco,“‘I Like To Be In America’: Assimilation to the Postwar American City in West Side Story

John Griffin, “Writing the Past and Shaping the Future: Historical Revision and Local Color Fiction in Post-Reconstructional Louisiana”

Nicky Guerreiro, “‘Mr. Congressman, Why Can’t You Understand?’: Johnny Cash and the Politics of Criminality”

Megan Jones, “In Search of Sisterhood: The Centrality of Print Culture to Black Feminism, 1970-1983”

Tom Keefe, “‘The Family Council’: The Influence on the Gilbreth Family on Management Practice in Early 20th-Century America”

David Kilstein, “Dey Say If You Talk Pidgin You No Can: Linguistic Imperialism and Cultural Preservation in Hawai’i”

Henry Li, “Peng-Chun Chang, American Pragmatism, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

Anita Lo, “The I-Hotel in Social Movement and Collective Memory”

Tessa Markewich, “Dancing the Depression: American Identity and Federally Funded Dance”

Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence, “Bodies in Formation: Contemporary Black Female Artists Confront the Post-Racial Fantasy”

Margaret McGovern, “Double Antiquities: Humanist Historiography in the Reign of Henry VII”

Connor McKnight, “Mediating Vietnam: Michael Herr from Saigon to Hollywood”

Sadie McQuilkin, “‘According to the Needs of St. George’s’: Coeducation at an Elite Boarding School, 1968-1986”

Lucia Millham, “Language and Legacy: British Nurses and Wartime Trauma on the Front Lines of World War I”

Andrea Mirviss, “‘Is It True Then That I Have the Whole Race to Work For?’: Developing a Talented Tenth in Brownies’ Book Readers”

Rebecca Park, “After the Midnight Sky: Witnessing Harriet Tubman”

Carol Powell, “Calling All to Action: Seeing Protest in the Funk Era and the Black Lives Matter Movement”

Daniel Ryu, “Frederick Douglass, His Autobiographies, and the Influence of the Garrisonian Abolitionists”

John Sakellariadis, “Waiting for Vietnam: Vietnam-era Canvas Graffiti and American Combat Morale in the Pre-Tet Period”

Marguerite Solmssen, “‘Clean In Deed’: Embodied Citizenship Training in the Boy Scout Movement 1908-1929”

Aliza Theis, “‘For the Diversion and Use of the Fair-Sex’: Ladies’ Almanacs in Eighteenth-Century England and America”

Kia Turner, “Revolt! Rally! Revise!: Reclaiming the Power of the Black Narrative in Activist Achievements Against Harvard”

AJ Unitas, “Not Pulling Any Punchlines: American Humorous Propaganda in World War II”

Gabriela Weldon, “Para Inglês Ver: Rio de Janeiro’s Conception of Self and the Contestation of the Favela"

Cary Williams, “‘At Least We Have Our Name’: Free People of Color and the Struggle to Survive in Antebellum Louisiana and Mississippi”

Alicia Zamora, “Transnational Mestizajes: Race, Place, and the Political in Vasconcelos’ La Raza Cósmica and Anzaldúa’s Borderlands

Caroline Zhang, “‘Let Us Kneel Where He Kneels’: The Reader as Stranger, Censor, Antagonist, and Creator in the Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh”

Magdalene Zier, “Staging the Wake: Black Women Playwrights and the Fight Against Lynching, 1916-1940”