Class of 2017

2017 Senior Thesis Party

Haley Baker, “‘Culture Comes from the Family’: Tracing Constructions of Culture, Poverty, and Motherhood in Chile”

Meg Bernhard, “A Storied History: Gabriel García Marquez’s Journalism, 1948-1996”

Eleanor Bridge, “Renewals of the Past in the ‘Unexplored Present’: Slave Narratives in the Year 2016”

Bennett Capozzi, “‘Yes But the People, What About the People?’: Depression-Era Hollywood Imagines Lincoln’s Democratic State”

Karen Chee, “The Ghostly Grotesque: The Revolutionary Satire and Intersectionality of H.T. Tsiang’s The Hanging on Union Square:

Shao Wei Chew Chia, “Confucius in the Yard: Longing and Belonging in a Chinese Myth of Harvard”

Jess Clay, “Words of America: John James Audubon and the American Exceptionalism of Ornithological Biography

David Coletti, “Coming Out of the Ghetto: Class, Gender Identity, and Oppression in Gay São Paulo, 1964-1984”

Hana Connelly, “Kidnap in the Caucasus: Rethinking Russian Imperialism in the 19th Century”

William Ezekowitz, “Friday Night Rites: High School Football, American Values, and the Cold War”

Julia Fay, “(Almost) Nothing is Sacred: Satire and Religion in The Praise of Folly

Dana Ferrante, “A Recipe for National Indifference: Ippolito Cavalcanti’s Cucina Teorico-Pratica

Sidni Frederick, “The Third Important Event: George Lamming’s Literary Critique of the West Indian Search for Citizenship”

Adrian Horton, “Standing on Unsolid Ground: Appalachian Women and the Fate of the White Working Class in the 1970s”

Caroline Hubbard, “Picturing Progress: Reimagining Black Identity and Racial Futurity Through the Politicized Aesthetics of the British Black Arts Movement”

Liz Huber, “Agency Refracted Through the Frame: The Intermedial Intervention of Asco’s ‘No Movies’”

David Kurlander, “‘Capture the Rapture’: A Cultural History of Malt Liquor, 1950-1980”

Tyrik LaCruise, “The American Poet and the Postwar Mountain: Culture, Crisis, and Conformity in the Poetry of the Harlem and San Francisco Renaissances”

David Leeds, “Pursuing Hope and Harmony in the Gorgeous Mosaic: Mayor David Dinkins, Public Language, Racial Discourse, and Urban Politics in New York City, 1989-1993”

Eileen Macron, “Anna Freud and the Hampstead War Nurseries, 1941-1946: A Study on Displacement, Loss, and Reconciliation”

Kaipo Matsumoto, “The Story of Kaluaiko’olau: Hawaiian Literature and Indigenous Melancholia”

Christopher McKenna, "Frederick Douglass in Memoir and Memory, 1845-1900"

Ilian Meza-Pena, “Rupturas: Zapatista Women Promote Multicultural Feminism During Political Crises”

Matthew Mollerus, “Intellectual Interventions in Trials During the Algerian War”

Elizabeth O'Donnell, “The Loud 1970s: Divorce, Homosexuality, and Authenticity in An American Family

Kevin O'Donnell, “A Free Future: The Movement for Black Self-Determination on Edisto Island, 1861-1882”

Dylan Perese, "Looking Up to Look Within: Queer Astrology and the Art of Collective Meaning Making 1969 - Present"

James Piltch, “Training the Worker-Citizen: Boston Public Schools and Changing Educational Values during the Great Depression”

Auguste Roc, “‘With Every Tear Comes Redemption’: Heartbreak as a Form of Protest in Blues, Beyoncé, and #BlackLivesMatter”

Talia Rothstein, “La Mulata and the Nation: Narratives of Fear and Desire in Post-Revolutionary Mexico”

Michael Savarese, “Gods and Rats in the Empire City: Pennsylvania Station, Public Memory, and Preservation in 20th-Century New York”

Charles Scherr, “Domesticating the Wild West: Reimagining Regional Identity in Late-Nineteenth Booster Literature”

Henry Shah, “Begging Outside the ‘Dream Factory’: Urban Order and the Wandering Poor in Bombay, 1898-1959”

Audrey Shi, "Pen and Picture: Sino-American Women’s Education and the Epistolary Envisioning of a New Body Politic, 1917-1944”

Maia Silber, “River of Living Water”

Panchi Simeto, “Shifting Visions: The Generic and Gender Legacy of the Female Outlaw in Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise

Frances Swanson, “‘Civil Defense in Women’s Work’: Gender and Citizenship in the Early Cold War”

Ian Van Wye, “Proper Intellectuals: The Self-Doubt of Maurice Blanchot and Albert Camus”

Paige Wallace, “‘No Free Rides, No Excuses’: Hollywood Depictions of Teachers and Schools from the 1980s and 1990s”

Abby Westover, “Hair and Female Agency in the European Middle Ages”

Nick Wood, “Imperial Insecurities, Nationalism, and Islander Voices: The Falkland Islands War of 1982 Reimagined”

Katie Wu, “Curating Citizens: Educating Through Visual Culture at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893”