European Studies

History & Literature’s field of European Studies encourages students to connect nation-states to transnational trends and events in the history and literature of Europe. Students in the European Studies field study themes such as colonization and imperialism, the emergence of national and ethnic literatures, movements of labor and capital, the rights and representations of minorities, and the negotiation and representation of ethnic and cultural difference.

In addition to the requirements for all concentrators (5 tutorials and 1 course that satisfies the language requirement), students in the European Studies field complete the following requirements:

  • 1 survey course on European history (the course should cover at least 100 years);
  • 2 courses (1 history and 1 literature) on empire, diaspora, or transnational or comparative topics;
  • 1 course focused on a period before 1900;
  • 4 elective courses in European Studies, balanced between history and literature.

Browse our list of Courses That Count for European Studies, and use the European Studies Field Worksheet to plot your course of study. 

Questions about the European Studies field should be directed to Assistant Director of Studies Briana Smith.