History & Literature encourages students to take courses across a wide variety of departments and disciplines, so concentrators choose a field of study to ensure that their plan of study has coherence and depth. Our fields are organized by time and place.

Students interested in themes that cross regional and cultural boundaries gravitate toward periods in world history and literature:

Students interested in the history and literature of a particular region or nation gravitate choose the study of that area:

In addition to the 8 courses required for each field, all concentrators complete 1 course that satisfies the Language Requirement and 5 History & Literature tutorials: Sophomore Tutorial (spring); Junior Tutorial (fall and spring); Senior Tutorial (fall and spring).

To allow plenty of time for intellectual exploration, concentrators do not choose a field until the end of the sophomore year. After declaring a field, students have the option to count toward the concentration an introductory humanities course such as Hum 10The Art of Looking/Listening/Reading, or one HL90 Seminar on any topic, regardless of field.