Amy Weiss-Meyer

Amy Weiss-Meyer

Class of 2015, America
Managing Editor, Magazine, The Atlantic
Amy Weiss-Meyer

Thesis Title: New York, New York: Writing, Saving, and Selling the City, 1967-1977

What Now: Managing Editor of The Atlantic's print magazine

What Next: As long as it exists, I have no plans to leave magazine journalism!

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Being able to choose research topics and craft my own syllabi in History & Literature meant that I could use my coursework to dig deep into magazine history, a longstanding interest of mine. For my sophomore tutorial, I went to Houghton Library to track down the original letters Frederick Jackson Turner's Atlantic editors sent to him as he adapted his frontier theory for popular consumption. My junior paper was about a 1912 series of essays in Harper's Bazar and "new womanhood." Senior year, I did archival research and oral histories for my thesis on the founding of New York magazine and immersed myself in accounts of New York City in the 1960s and 1970s as I worked to understand the cultural context in which the magazine was created. Both my study of these magazines and the skills I learned in the process—how to execute research, think clearly, and write well—prepared me to begin my career as a fact-checker at The Atlantic (where I'm still tickled that I get to sit steps away from the magazine's bound volumes). In recent years, I've transitioned from fact-checking to editing, and I'm now the managing editor for The Atlantic's print magazine. One of the best parts of my current role is that it requires me to think critically, day in and day out, about how to stay true to the spirit of the publication's rich history while adapting to the challenges and embracing the opportunities of a digital age.

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