Caroline Hubbard

Caroline Hubbard

Class of 2017, American Studies
Business Strategy and Data Analytics Analyst, LinkedIn
Caroline Hubbard

Thesis Title: Picturing Progress: Reimagining Black Identity and Racial Futurity Through the Politicized Aesthetics of the British Black Arts Movement

What Now: Business Strategy and Data Analytics Analyst at LinkedIn in San Francisco

What Next: 3-4 years down the line, applying to graduate school for a JD/MBA

My trajectory from H&L to where I am today was somewhat unconventional. Some would say that concentrating in H&L or the humanities in general would not put a student on a career path towards corporate strategy, but I think that is a complete myth! The foundational knowledge I gained throughout my tenure in H&L has given me a robust analytical toolkit that has differentiated me from my peers and has enabled me to contribute thoughtfully and meaningfully to my job. A few of the most valuable skills I learned throughout H&L are how to synthesize, understand and regurgitate large amounts of information. I have leveraged these skills many times on the job and they have enabled me to become a good story-teller--I am able to paint a picture with business analytics and present that information to leadership in useful ways.

However, most importantly, History & Literature has taught me the value of having compassion for others and taking the initiative to understand people from different walks of life in order to work towards a more cohesive future. In studying people from different cultures, time periods and racial demographics, I have truly learned how to put myself in other people's shoes and understand why they made certain decisions or why they behaved in certain ways. This desire to seek human understanding is a quality that is not only useful in the work place, but also throughout life in general. History & Literature has truly given me the tools necessary to navigate the world, and I am so happy I concentrated in it!