Emily Simon Bernard

Emily Simon Bernard

Class of 2007, Modern Europe
Co-founder and Head of Product, PlacePass.com
Emily Simon Bernard

Thesis Title: "The Whole City Whispers Mutiny": Cook Tours and British Imperial Memory, 1873-1913

What Now: Co-Founder and Head of Product at PlacePass.com

What Next: I’m focused on building PlacePass into a successful travel company!

I’ve always been passionate about the travel and hospitality space, so I was delighted to be able to write my senior thesis on a travel-related topic. I conducted research in the archives of the Thomas Cook tour company in England, and it was a wonderful, if slightly absurd experience: there I was digging into centuries-old brochures and travel itineraries, while in the background, customer service representatives helped vacationers book holidays to Fiji.

Today, I lead a travel technology startup that enables people to find and book unique local experiences. As an entrepreneur I rely constantly on the skills that I developed and refined through the Hist & Lit program, from critical thinking to writing to problem solving and presentation capabilities. In addition, the self-confidence that I established through my one-on-one tutorials in junior and senior year positioned me well to grow in my career and embrace a leadership role at PlacePass.com. 

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