John Griffin

John Griffin

Class of 2016, American Studies
Policy Associate with Democrats for Education Reform, Massachusetts
John Griffin

Thesis Title: Writing the Past and Shaping the Future: Historical Revision and Local Color Fiction in Post-Reconstruction Louisiana

What Now: Policy Associate with Democrats for Education Reform, Massachusetts, and freelance writer

What Next: Continued policy work and/or graduate school

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I work in education politics and policy, so people are often surprised that I studied H&L (as opposed to something more based in the social sciences, though). One of the interests I developed in H&L, though, was the history of how Americans have conceived of the government’s role in shaping societies, which I think is a fundamental question in shaping education policy. My junior tutorial focused on the 20th-century American city and its institutions, and one of the books we read was Common Ground, which described in detail the desegregation of the Boston Public Schools. This work deepened my interest in education and raised fundamental questions of community control versus state and federal intervention as well as the roles that public schools should take in community development. These questions still animate the work I do now.

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