Renny McPherson

Renny McPherson

Class of 2003, America
Managing Partner, The Twenty (data analytics consultancy)
Renny McPherson

Thesis Title: Ritual as Intimacy in the Short Stories of Andre Dubus

What Now: Managing Partner of The Twenty

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Since I graduated in 2003, the History & Literature concentration has informed my professional path at every step because Hist & Lit teaches how to think not what to think. After serving as a Marine Corps officer and then a researcher at RAND, I returned to Harvard for my MBA, graduating from Harvard Business School in 2011. Over the past several years, I’ve created a platform through which I am simultaneously an entrepreneur and seed stage investor on the business side of data and analytics, and an author and podcast host. The ability to frame concepts and dig deeply for what really matters in both the story and the numbers are skills that I first developed as a Hist & Lit concentrator. In my current role as managing partner of a data analytics consultancy, I advise and implement data projects for growth companies, asset managers, and the government. 

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