Emma Winsor Wood

Emma Winsor Wood

Class of 2012, Modern Europe
Freelance editor and writer
Emma Winsor Wood

Thesis Title: Fleeing the Poetic Convent: Elena Shvarts's Works and Days and Problems of Female Authorship in the Late-Soviet Literary Underground

What Now: I’m about to start teaching composition to undergraduates at UC Santa Cruz. I’m also a freelance editor and writer.

What Next: I would like to teach English and Creative Writing at the university level and will continue working on the manuscripts I started at Iowa—a collection of poems and a book of essays. I am considering entering a PhD program in English or Creative Writing.

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I’m one of those people who’s always dreamt of being a writer. Even when I was writing academic papers, writing was always my focus (perhaps occasionally to the detriment of the content!). After taking two poetry workshops at Harvard my senior year, I knew I wanted to apply to poetry MFA’s, but I also wanted to try out the 9-5 lifestyle first in addition to giving my writing more time to develop. I moved back to NYC, where I worked for two years as a literary scout, writing poetry and essays in the evenings and on weekends, until getting into—and moving to—Iowa. At Iowa, I taught literature and writing to undergraduates. I also became an editor for the online magazine The Morning News and began doing interviews for The Rumpus, where I was just appointed Deputy Interviews Editor. I’m currently trying to decide whether to pursue a career as a teacher—which might mean getting a PhD—or to focus on freelancing full time. I want to do something that will give me a flexible schedule and time to work on my manuscripts—one of which is a translation of short plays by the Russian writer Daniil Kharms, so I’m putting my Hist & Lit language requirement to good use!