Emma Winsor Wood

Emma Winsor Wood

Class of 2012, Modern Europe
Poet, editor, and Ph.D. student in Literature at the University of California Santa Cruz
Emma Winsor Wood

Thesis Title: Fleeing the Poetic Convent: Elena Shvarts's Works and Days and Problems of Female Authorship in the Late-Soviet Literary Underground

What Now: I’m about to enter my second year in a Literature PhD at the University of California Santa Cruz; I am in the Creative-Critical Concentration, which means I will submit a creative work for my dissertation. I am working on a book of essays inspired by the form of the personal statement, and my poetry manuscript "Preferred Internal Landscape" has been named a finalist in five first book prizes. I am also the editor-in-chief of Stone Soup, the literary magazine for kids 14 and under, and I work as a college admissions essay counselor. Lastly (!), I utilized my Harvard Russian while co-translating A Failed Performance: Short Plays and Scenes by Daniil Kharms and am finishing up edits on translations of a few poems by Elena Shvarts for an anthology being compiled by the Boston College professor Thomas Epstein.

What Next: I would like to continue editing Stone Soup and eventually teach Creative Writing at the university level. I am co-writing a book on how to write college admissions essays as well, and hope to publish that soon. 

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