Kevin O'Donnell

Kevin O'Donnell

Class of 2017, American Studies
Training Director of the Ohio Student Association
Kevin O'Donnell

Thesis Title: A Free Future: The Movement for Black Self Determination on Edisto Island, 1859-1882

What Now: Training Director of the Ohio Student Association

What Next: I plan to organize around economic and racial justice in Ohio and work on building youth political power in the Midwest.

Follow Me: @KevinEODonnell (Twitter)

In my Hist & Lit work, I studied how multiracial, grassroots political movements built power throughout America's history. Today I am part of a multiracial, grassroots political movement trying to build political power and make life better for young people in Ohio. My tutorial gave me the freedom to delve into the topics I care about (social movement history) and gave me practical and historical knowledge that helps me in my organizing work. The department was very supportive when I was organizing on campus around the dining hall strike and the anti-deportation movement, and I found great mentors in Hist & Lit faculty. History & Literature teaches you how to be a hero and a scholar.